Announcing NEW shipment of Salt!

Announcing NEW shipment of Salt Arriving.

Including our All New USB powered Salt lamps

To Coincide with our Summer Sales Spectacular.

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Pillar Salt Lamps
Salt Lamp Pillars - 4-Pack

4 Pillars for Only $99.90

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The pillar Salt Lamp Value Package.

WAS 149.90 now only 99.90!  

  • You Get shipped to you today 4 premium quality Pillar Salt Lamps.
  • Complete with 4 7" tall pillars and bulbs and cords.
  • Individually boxed and wrapped in protective poly shield.
  • UL Listed bulb and cords.
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  • Announcing our Site for Charity 
  • Abundance Bowls
    Buy 3 Abundance Bowls, Get 1 Free!

    4 Bowls for Only $139.95

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     Abundance bowls are hand crafted Himalayan salt bowls filled with Himalayan salt crystals. This exact product is a customer favorite and has been featured in Elle Magazine. The product naturally adds a bright light to any decor. The glowing salt bowl of fire will attract attention and interest. 

    Abundance is a natural desire and also a natural state in the universe. We suggest that the abundance bowl will bring light to whomever orders. Use them near computers to counteract the effect of EMF's or focus on the product and visualize abundance in your life. Stands 6-8 inches tall and weighs 8-9 lbs each. Comes complete with bulb and cord and can ship in 24 hours or less, The package deal is a limited time offer Act Now!!!  Go to our sister site 

    Salt Lamp Spheres
    Buy 3 Sphere Salt Lamps, Get 1 Free!

    4 Spheres for Only $119.95

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     The Salt Sphere Lamp is an all time favorite shape with a universal profile. The shape of the sphere says it all. Made from 8-10 lbs of pure A grade Himalayan Salt, your hand crafted set of four lamps comes complete with all you need to outfit your home, office and for gift giving events. 

    Made from centuries old, nutrient rich salt, these lamps have an appeal all their own. Place your hand on the sphere and feel an immediate sense of peace come over your being. Salt lamps are now just coming into focus for health and wellness benefits.This wonderful product package is now available. Includes 3 spheres, Bulbs, Cords and individual boxes. Includes a Free Medium Salt Lamp as well. This offer will not last act now! 
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    Medium Value Pack
    Himalayan Bath Salts - 3 Bags

    4 Mediums for Only $79.00

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     The Famous 

    Medium Value Package  

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    For the ages Himalayan Salt has been known to sooth the soul and assist in creating an atmosphere that promotes inner awareness. Salt lamps can naturally emit negative ions. Negative ion's are oxygen molecules with a negative charge. We have found that this enables one to absorb more oxygen which can boost ones immune system and promote an overall sense of well being. 4 lamps at this rate won't last order yours. Normally 99.90 plus shipping now only 79.00 don't wait this offer will be gone in one week! 

    Introducing the all natural phenomenon Himalayan Essence Skin Care System
    Easy as 1,2,3!

    Himalayan Essence Skincare

    Himalayan Skin Care now as Easy as 1- 2- 3!

    As seen in White Apricot online.

    "We hate to break this to all you product junkies, but it’s time to clear out the hundreds of bottles of lotions and potions fighting for space in your medicine cabinet and downsize your skin care to only three products—the Himalayan Mineral Treatment - 3 Step Organic Skin Care System by SpiritualQuest. We know, we know… how can a simple three step skin care plan be as effective as say five, six or even ten steps? We were skeptical too and then we lathered up with the citrus smelling, richly foaming face wash and we were smitten." Made from Himalayan and Volcanic minerals, which detoxify and nurture the skin, as well as a blend of other organic ingredients, the three steps consist of the cleanser, a mineral masque (which you can actually feel pulsating and tightening the skin as it dries) and a rejuvenation crème . The collection looks and feels like a luxurious spa-quality line and leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Good things really do come in threes"!
    -Bonny Osterhage Editorial White Apricot

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    Himalayan Essence 3-Step System



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