USB Salt Lamp Package Deal

USB Salt Lamp Package Deal

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If you work at your computer throughout the day and suffer from any Loss of focus, agitation, lack of energy, failure to concentrate, and want a natural remedy, the All NEW USB Salt Lamp is for you. You can have refreshing, cleaner air as the negative ions generated by the himalayan salt naturally freshen the ambient air you breathe. It lowers the amount of pollution from dust, dander, and smoke. The lamp is hand carved and stunning to behold.

The USB has all these outstanding features:

  1. Gorgeous colors that come from over 80 naturally occurring minerals
  2. People that utilize salt lamps often say they sleep much better and feel energized
  3. Salt Lamps Can create a protective Negative Ion area that protects against electronic frequencies that can distract, agitate and cause discomfort
  4. Concentrate more on getting your stuff done, with less trouble concentrating
  5. Hand Carved from all-natural Himalayan Salt
Salt Lamps for Cars

Each USB Salt Lamp comes includes a 3-foot USB cord and weighs in at approximately 1lb. This is the perfect size to use with any laptop or office computer, or even in your car!

USB Lamps are in Limited Supply so order today.

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