3x Sea Shell Salt Lamp Package Deal All New

3x Sea Shell Salt Lamp Package Deal All New

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Shipping Himalayan Salt Lamps can be difficult, however our skilled craftsmen have been working with us since 1992 and as such we created a one of kind Sea Shell Salt Lamp made from the finest Himalayan Salts.

Think back to a recent vacation or perhaps a trip to the beach during your youth. Walking on the beach on a beautiful summer day and collecting sea shells. The smells of the ocean and the oxygen rich air are all wonderful experiences you will never forget. Now you can bring that same fresh air into your home along with those great remembrances, with your very own hand made Sea Shell Salt lamps.

  • Finest Grade Himalayan Salt provides you with cleaner brighter colors
  • Hand fashioned for dynamic visual appeal and authenticity
  • All units are individually packaged and and sealed with freshness guaranteed
  • Comes complete with UL listed bulbs and cords with the option for dimmer cord upgrades
  • Take advantage of the extra bulb option allowing to always have the bulbs you need to keep your Sea Shell lit.

    All shipments on this package deal included shipping free, we do take special care to pack the items safely and all shipments are insured for your satisfaction.

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    Available for a limited time. We believe in our salt and what it can do for you! Your Lamps will make any room more comfortable,more relaxing and more Rejuvenating. Natural Lighting helps ailments like asthma, allergies as well as taking in more oxygen thus promoting healing and wellness. Get Yours Today!

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    Thanks, Susan. I purchased a salt lamp years ago from a store at the mall and can't believe what I thought the norm was, the salt lamps I ordered from you are amazing!

    Jon L.
    Oct 30, 2014

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