4 Medium lamps 4.5-7 lbs With Free Shipping

4 Medium lamps 4.5-7 lbs With Free Shipping

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This is a wonderful special! Normally 120.90 now only 99.90 Save 20% today on our medium Himalayan Salt Lamps 5 - 7lbs each now with Free Shipping. This offer is sure to end quick so order today.

The package comes complete with 4 medium lamps 4 bulb and cord assemblies. All lamps are individually packaged and wrapped to protect during shipping. All products ship same day and are delivered in most cases in 5 business days.

The package can be shipped anywhere as a gift as well. Individually this is a $120.90 Value, available to you today for only $89.90 including shipping, Including bulbs and cords! Limited time only!

  • Comes complete with UL Certified Bulb and Cord
  • 4 Lamps gives you the ability to enjoy in multiple rooms or give as gifts
  • Negative Ions are Oxygen Molecules on Steroids helping one to relax and breath easier
  • Your lamps come individually packaged and wrapped for protection
  • Quality and Service your lamps are on the way today

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This may make you happy :) We love our salt lamps and the people we give them to as a present love them too.

Thanks SpiritualQuest you're awesome!

Mischa Doyel
Oct 21, 2013

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