4 Super Nova Small Lamps 4-5 lbs includes free shipping

4 Super Nova Small Lamps 4-5 lbs includes free shipping

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Four Salt lamps Weight is over 4 lbs per lamp.

Many other companies have imitated our value packs but none do it for you, with the commitment to service and quality.

First we start with the finest quality Himalayan Salt Crystals available. One should note that not all salt is the same, just like anything else their vast quality levels available. We select raw materials carefully for quality, consistency along with proper packaging.

  • The Largest size small lamps on the market!
  • Each lamp is individually wrapped and packaged.
  • Your lamps, enjoy a fine consistent finish with a high quality color and clarity that is sure to please.

    TWO major distribution locations, ships from Boston and Los Angeles your lamps travel quicker and get to you faster.

    Your lamps come complete with four Bulbs and Cords. It's quick, it's easy it's The 4 small salt lamp value package

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    I'm indeed pleased and impressed by the good quality of the salt crystal lamps received except for the following issues. Will strongly recommend my friends to your company.

    Thanks and regards,
    Grace Ng,
    May 27. 2014

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