7 lbs. 4x12x1 - Himalayan Salt Bricks Salt Plates

7 lbs. 4x12x1 - Himalayan Salt Bricks Salt Plates

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4x12x1 Himalayan Salt Brick / plates

The 4x12 block is one of our favorite sizes to work with when constructing a salt wall of any size. These sizes allow the owner to cover more space faster and that always helps as most buyers want the project done before it starts.

How long have you been dreaming about the salt oasis, maybe one visited a salt cave and maybe you want to go into business. No worries we have what your looking for and we offer all kinds of options and services.

Constructing a salt wall is quite easy for us but that experience took many years to perfect, we continue to work with our designers for new and innovative ways to make the experience even more enjoyable. SpiritualQuest has the products the know how and the want to make your project Rock, literally.

Himalayan Salt as home decor, Himalayan salt as a healthy alternative for improving air quality in your home.

  • negative ions are oxygen molecules with a negative charge
  • Himalayan salt can generate negative ions by an evaporative process
  • Ever wish your home could be as tranquil as the oceans edge
  • Let us help you transform your home or business today .
  • Est. 1992 Spiritualquest knows salt and has the quality you need.
  • Available nationwide, we offer design, and guidance
  • From source to finished salt wall we have all you need

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