Buy Two Salt Lamp Pillars Get One Free! 7-8 lbs each!

Buy Two Salt Lamp Pillars Get One Free! 7-8 lbs each!

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Hand Carved Pillar Salt Lamps, Now available Special Value Package buy two get on free! Was 149.90 Hand crafted the Pillar is a refined form and a perfect shape to fit in any room.

The lamps are made from "A" Grade Natural Himalayan Salt, Pillars are a smooth symbols of strength and elegance. Without sharp edges the pillar can enhance your decor and add that extra something to the visual landscape.Great for relaxation, and a focal point for your daily meditation routines.

The products stands perfect 7" Tall 5" diameter at the base and weighs in at 7-10 lbs. The package allows one to get several gifts and one for yourself.

All of our lamps come with A sealed UL listed bulb and cord assembly and ships same day. Available for a Limited time Only!!

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Thank you so much for your wonderful salt lamp. I didn't want to believe it, but I am sleeping much better, and I'm certain that snoring issue has calmed down quite a bit. It is just as you described, gorgeous shades of pinks and warm orange colors, and it is quite beautiful to look at, very calming and I couldn't be more pleased with this item. I will order more from you in the future. I wanted one of these for so many years, and that's the bad part, I waited too long. Then again, maybe I would not have got the same quality, whatever, this is where I will tell people to get their salt lamps as well..

Thank you again.

Kathy N.
Dec 1, 2014

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