Custom Salt Walls - Per Himalayan Salt Brick or Plate est.

Custom Salt Walls - Per Himalayan Salt Brick or Plate est.

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Himalayan Salt Wall Supplies and Design

The wonderful world of Salt Wall Design is not available to anyone. Let our design experts help you craft your salt wall or the beginnings of a Himalayan salt cave.

Salt Caves and Salt Therapy rooms are fast becoming the have to have product. Now, with our help, you can design your very own for the home or office! Salt bricks come in many different sizes, thicknesses and shape, Spiritualquest with over 20 years in the industry only sources the cleanest, most beautiful available.

We offer bricks that are varied is size, shape and thickness. Our bricks are all a 1-1.5" thick. The thickness of the salt plate is important as the plates can crack if the thickness is not there. We suggest 1- 1.5" minimum thickness, and many of our custom order clients choose up to 2" thick for even more strength.

Salt, rustic or rough chunks can be made to order, these shapes are fun to work with and have flat sided, tops and backs and look like boulders from the front. The custom ordering of chunks in a favorite among our customers.

How do you know how many to order? Easy, just give us your dimensions, we then determine the amount of salt bricks you need and we can offer several options with regard to your final order.


No problem, need more help, we have design consultants that can offer one on one directions via the phone or internet. Just start with the size of the room you wish to create, and after the order is placed we can help ever step of the way.

Proper Contruction

The key is the experience, we know all the techniques of the trade, no worries from day one you will know exactly how to go from creation to your dream salt cave or wall.

Get started now, call today!

9.95 per Brick,starting size 4x6 brick plus S&H

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Additional Information
Salt Walls and Cave Designs require professional direction!
Most salt wall or caves are custom styles, no problem. We will work with you to determine,
  • How to create and arrange your salt wall/salt cave.
  • We can provide, installations, consulting, lighting design
  • With hundreds of satisfied clients we can make dreams come true
  • Himalayan Salt like the finest marble or Granite requires a detailed supplier like us
  • We know the necessary secrets to successful salt wall construction

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  • Testimonial

    Thanks, Susan. I purchased a salt lamp years ago from a store at the mall and can't believe what I thought the norm was, the salt lamps I ordered from you are amazing!

    Jon L.
    Oct 30, 2014

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