Everest White Salt Lamp - 65-85 lbs Rare! Himalayan White Last One!

Everest White Salt Lamp - 65-85 lbs Rare! Himalayan White Last One!

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Huge White Lamps are extremely rare, we have been lucky to acquire a few of the rarest lamps on the planet.

The Everest White lamp is a marvel to behold, envision that magnificent light in your home, affording you the very best nature has to offer with regards to your health.

SpiritualQuest, est in 1992 a wholly owned US company operates from the source to importing to shipping to customers. We take great pride in offering the rarest lamps.

Negative Ions are oxygen molecules with a negative charge, those ions help the body to take in more oxygen and help to boost immune response, alleviate allergies and offer relief from asthma.

  • The lamp in this image stands 19" tall and comes complete with 25watt bulb/cord
  • White Salt Lamps, are all natural Himalayan salt for your organic lighting
  • The Everest lamps cover 700 to 800 sq feet, offering massive benefits.
  • A very limited supply exists we urge you to order you'res today. Each lamp will ship in 24-48 hrs during business days and is triple boxed and packed for safe shipping. Order now!
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    "Got my huge salt rock lamp today, it awsome my wife will love it :) makes it totally worth the almost 400 $ with exchange lol. I will have one extremely happy wife on Christmas day. Nice work :)"

    Thanks alot,

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