Gigantica Himalayan Salt Lamp 80-90 lbs HUGE!

Gigantica Himalayan Salt Lamp 80-90 lbs HUGE!

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Gigantica - does not do this lamp justice - for the astute lover of huge Himalayan Salt Lamps we have created the Gigantica just for you. This lamp will cover your house with health benefiting negative ions in one fell swoop.

This amazing lamp is what our savvy customers have been wanting. Thanks to a new shipment of products we can now offer the next level of the largest lamps we have ever offered. Weighing in at 70-90 lbs. Stands a whopping 18-22 inches tall, in fact, this one pictured is exactly 20inches.

  • So if you feel the benefits of lamps and want more space covered!
  • When only a substantial piece will please your desire!
  • Full Quality the only company offering such marvels in Salt.
  • Very Limited Quantity get yours today.
  • Quality is the difference we are known for the best
    Next level is what Gigantica is all about - when your thinking about upgrading your lamp array, it is safe to say the Gigantica will change your perspective for the better. Get yours today. Very limited quantities on hand.

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    "Got my huge salt rock lamp today, it awsome my wife will love it :) makes it totally worth the almost 400 $ with exchange lol. I will have one extremely happy wife on Christmas day. Nice work :)"

    Thanks alot,

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