Heart Shaped Himalayan Massage Stones (6)

Heart Shaped Himalayan Massage Stones (6)

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Heart Shaped Himalayan Massage Stones (6)
SpiritualQuest takes the time to collect the perfect salt crystals at the factory level. Then our craftsman shape the salt into beautiful Heart shaped Massage gemstone's. For The very first time now available for use at home, these excellent tools speed relaxation, reduce inflammation and promote a sense of profound well-being.

Himalayan Salt features 84 vitamins and minerals and our salt gives you the advantage in overcoming toxic build up. Himalayan salt will soothe your soul naturally and will aid in natural detoxify leading to a more serene outlook. For practitioners you must offer such treatments as your customers will be seeking new more effective treatments.

This salt stands out as the very best available, the massage should heated on the heating pad or perhaps in a minimal warmth oven to produce a radiant warmth that permeates deep into sore achy muscles!

Utilize daily at home to treat sore tired feet, achy muscles and sore joints. Your day is stressful this is a perfect way to unwind. Go ahead and treat yourself today.

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I'm indeed pleased and impressed by the good quality of the salt crystal lamps received except for the following issues. Will strongly recommend my friends to your company.

Thanks and regards,
Grace Ng,
May 27. 2014

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