Himalayan Bath Salt Luxury Grind ! 11lbs

Himalayan Bath Salt Luxury Grind ! 11lbs



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Was $139.95 now only $79.95 !

All new super fine luxury grind Bath Salts. Luxury grind features 84 elemental nutrients and minerals that naturally occur in the body. The gentle detoxifying action of these salts will have you coming back for more. Available for the first time in the convenient container easy to use and easy to store.

  • Detox naturally - Himalayan Salt naturally removes toxins and promotes longevity
  • 11 lbs of pure Human Himalayan Salt for Bathing will last longer than other SALTS!
  • Protects you from free radicals and improves your imune responses in a positive

    This Introductory Offer will not last order yours today! Relax, revitalize, Restore!!!

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    I JUST ordered one of these lamps for my husband for his birthday. I just called customer service to check and see if it would arrive in time for his birthday and indeed it was immediately sent to processing because I had stated it was his birthday. He is a Chiropractor and he will be using this in his adjustment room for the good of his patients and for his own good as well. Absolutely fabulous customer service.

    Thank you again!

    Andrea J.
    Nov 11, 2014

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