Himalayan Bath Salts 2.5-3lbs per bag

Himalayan Bath Salts 2.5-3lbs per bag



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Himalayan Bath Salts in our Himalayan Salt re-usable tea bag.

Himalayan Salt baths known as Sole baths have the cleansing effects of a three day fast.

When bathing in our Bath Salts toxins are released through osmosis into the bath water, while the minerals from the sole bath are absorbed. The healing benefits of salt baths are now just coming into focus, as the nutrients enter your body your natural pH levels are restored and your bodies’ natural frequency is harmonized with your bodies’ regulatory functions. In the Book Water and Salt they state that a 30 minute Sole' bath has the same benefit as a three day fast. We have found that our customers love the calm, tranquil, balanced feeling after the bath. Your hot Sole' bath awaits you now. Shipping included. 2.5 - 3lbs of the finest Himalayan Baths Salts per bag

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salt can be small to medium size chunks and a mixture of each

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SpiritualQuest Salt is made to our specifications, were the only wholly owned Himalayan Salt company that makes our own Lamps, Skin Care, Detox systems and Himalayan Salt Caves etc. With 20 Years of experience we know what your salt should be able to do for you and we guarantee it. Get yours today!

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OMG just got my lamp!! It arrived in perfect condition!! Poor UPS man. You were right, it is a big one!! I thought I was gonna have to call someone to help me get it out of the box and on the table I was putting it on, and wondered if the table could take it!! The color is gorgeous!! Thank you so much. Now to decide which to buy next!!

Sherry O.
Youngstown, FL
Jan 19, 2015

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