Himalayan Salt Sea Shell 4 - 5 lbs - WholeSale

Himalayan Salt Sea Shell 4 - 5 lbs - WholeSale

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Sea Shells are made up of minerals from the ocean and so is Himalayan Salt. So the combining of these two marvels from the sea just go so well together. This little hand made beauty is perfect for an accent light.
The sea shell salt light is hand carved and painstakingly mounted.

One look gives one the essence of the ocean and the feel of tranquility.

If you love the ocean and enjoy super interesting salt lamps the sea shell salt light is just right for you.

  • Comes complete with Light Cords and Bulbs
  • Mounted on a Hard Wood and Individually boxed
  • Each lamps is sealed so it arrives in perfect condition
  • complete with moisture absorb packet s to ensure a fresh clean look
  • Our lamps are the highest quality and backed by a 100% us owned company
  • Vivid color clarity and enjoyment as only Spiritualquest can provide.

    Sea Shell Salt Lights are just the latest innovation from SpiritualQuest Since 1988 SpiritualQuest has been pioneering salt manufacture and is solely based and owned in The USA.

    Buy your lamp today, these are new, and will move quickly!

    The sea shell is 5-6 inches tall and 5-6 inches wide

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