Himalayan Secret - 3-Step System!

Himalayan Secret - 3-Step System!

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Your Three Steps to better looking and rejuvenated skin with the Himalayan Secret Skin Care system!Was 69.90 Now 49.95

The products are naturally rich in minerals. Minerals that fortify and revitalize your skin in a natural and organic manner, we use only the highest quality ingredients all of which are amazing and leave your skin invigorated, refreshed and glowing.

Step 1. The Himalayan Citrus Cleanser. Gently detoxifies your skin while providing essential nutrients that tone and cleanse, Made from Himalayan Minerals and Natural Citrus Botanical's including Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Orange. Step one is a refreshing start and end to the day.

Step 2. The Himalayan Active Mineral Masque, includes Himalayan Minerals combined with Pure Pharmaceutical grade Bentonite Clay then infused with fresh botanical's of Eucalyptus - Rosemary and Peppermint. The most amazing active masque that will detoxify the skin, add vital nutrients with the result leaving your skin youthful and vibrant.

Step 3. The Himalayan Mineral Moisturizer, Made with Sole (Himalayan crystal salt & alpine spring water with pure calcium Bentonite clay) Organic ingredients include Aloe Vera juice, Chamomile, white tea, green tea and maritime pine, as well as relaxing ginkgo Biloba, milk thistle and much more. All designed to restore your natural glow and vital protection against premature aging and damage. The products are sure to please and offer you an extensive Himalayan Skin Care system. One that you will never need to replace.

Your System contains a 4oz Cool WaterCleanser 4oz Himalayan Mineral Masque and a 2 oz Himalayan Essence Rejuvenation Creme' Order today and experience the difference.

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The Himalayan Secret 3-Step System completely rejuvenated my skin. My face is brand new! I never experienced anything like this..., I'm thrilled with the results.

Judy Zamlen-Spotts | Verified Purchase


I JUST ordered one of these lamps for my husband for his birthday. I just called customer service to check and see if it would arrive in time for his birthday and indeed it was immediately sent to processing because I had stated it was his birthday. He is a Chiropractor and he will be using this in his adjustment room for the good of his patients and for his own good as well. Absolutely fabulous customer service.

Thank you again!

Andrea J.
Nov 11, 2014

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