Himalayan Secret Citrus Cleanser

Himalayan Secret Citrus Cleanser



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Step 1. Citrus Cleanser.

The cleanser is made from our proprietary blend of organic purified water, Himalayan Salt including infusions of natural citrus oils. The first of which is the Grapefruit rich in vitamins and naturally detoxifying. The major ingredients are combined synergistically with Orange ,Asian lemon grass to make a potent vitamin combination that naturally remove pollutants, deeply cleaning pores and removing excess dirt or makeup. Scientifically formulated to clean and calm the skin with herbal extracts that promote healing and rejuvenation. Take the first step in your skin care with Himalayan Essence. Awaken to a day with naturally rejuvenated skin order now!

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To SpiritualQuest.

"Oh my god, I love the lamp and thanks for taking the time to pick one to my liking. I thought customer service was done in this country, it was so nice to speak to you. I will definitely tell my friends where to get them as everyone wants mine".

Cecilla S. Spokane WA.

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