Huge Salt Wall 3\'x4\' - Plug and Play Design - Full Spectrum LED

Huge Salt Wall 3'x4' - Plug and Play Design - Full Spectrum LED



Products Description

The 3x4 foot salt wall covers 1050 sq foot with healing, life changing negative ions - Wow!

No need to remodel insert these highly engineered walls directly into your office, healing center or home - offering new and wonderful modalities can enhance healing and well-being and provide a business with significant strategic advantages.

We have generated a lot of interest with our salt brick designs, for a limited time we can make this complete kit offer that includes all the components and ships fast.

  • 3'x4' wide, completely assembed. Ready to enjoy no DIY work necessary
  • dimensions do vary slightly however 46"x33.75" dimensions
  • Line them up side by side or stack pack and rack to create a salt wall with magnitude
  • 150-200 lbs of pure home decor Himalayan Salt
  • High Output Led lighting, remote controlled, one touch nothing could be easier
  • Program your wall for any color or combination of colors
  • High Output LED, means years of service and low energy usage
  • leed time is important maufacturing each wall takes 3-4 days
  • For Larger orders please contact us asap to schedule your manufacturing on time

Each wall is handcrafted with certified Himalayan salt blocks and shipped out to you per order.

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