Large Salt Lamp (8-10 inches tall) 8-10 lbs

Large Salt Lamp (8-10 inches tall) 8-10 lbs

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Medium 8-10 lbs Comes with cord and bulb assembly, 8- 10 inches tall. Himalayan Salt Lamps are Ionic Generators, your naturally shaped, one of a kind rock salt crystal can generator negative Ions. Negative Ions are emitted when humidity and moister evaporate through a salt medium such as your beautiful salt lamp. Ions promote a relaxed state in your being and have profound health benefits, actually assisting your body and mind to enter a relaxed zone known as an alpha state. Get yours today!

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Thank you so much... I received my order today, used the salt pipe immediately and the lamps have been plugged in for two hours and I feel a difference in asthma and allergy symptoms already. This order is for my grandson who has the same problems as myself... he is only 6 and is having terrible difficulty breathing and am hoping this will help alleviate his symptoms as well.

I'm so glad I stumbled onto your website!
Pam B.
Jan 29, 2014

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