Pizaz Pillar Salt Lights (7-10 lbs 7-8\" tall)

Pizaz Pillar Salt Lights (7-10 lbs 7-8" tall)

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The Pillar Salt lamps

If you suffer from any of the discomforts of humanity, i.e., asthma, allergies, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, failure to concentrate, and want to help solve these problems in an all natural way, the Pillar Salt Lamp is for you. You can have cleaner air, as the Negative Ions from the Himalayan salts naturally freshen the air you breathe. It lowers the amount of pollution from dust, dander, and smoke. The lamp is hand carved and stunning to behold.

The Pizaz Salt Lights (Pillar) features these outstanding features:

  • 1. Hand Carved from 100% all natural Himalayan Salt
  • 2. Gorgeous colors that come from over 80 naturally occurring minerals
  • 3. People that utilize salt lamps often say they sleep much better and feel energized
  • 4. Salt lamps may naturally reduce allergies, asthma, and Hay fever
  • 5. Shipping Included
    This is a limited offer that won’t be here forever, so if you are ready to feel better, wake more rested, and have fresher, healthier air, Grab yours Today!

    Each bowl comes complete with a UL listed Cord and EZ Change Light. Send one to a friend or get one for yourself!

    Value Pack! Buy 1 Pillar, 1 Abundance Bowl,
    Get One Medium Free !
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    Hand Carved Pillar Salt Lamps, from Natural Himalayan Salt, Pillars are a reminder of what a person can do when one sets their mind to anything. You can harness the power of the pillar and use that ancient energy and wisdom in your daily meditation routines.

    The Himalayan Salt Pillar is created from high quality strong crystalline salt, the specially selected salt ads to the strength of the shape. The products stands 7" Tall 5" at the base and weighs in at 7-10 lbs. Comes complete with bulb and cord assembly with easy mount clips!

    Get yours today!
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    Thank you so much... I received my order today, used the salt pipe immediately and the lamps have been plugged in for two hours and I feel a difference in asthma and allergy symptoms already. This order is for my grandson who has the same problems as myself... he is only 6 and is having terrible difficulty breathing and am hoping this will help alleviate his symptoms as well.

    I'm so glad I stumbled onto your website!
    Pam B.
    Jan 29, 2014

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