(2)Salt Pipe Inhaler package Deal with Two Healing Bowls.

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(2)Salt Pipe Inhaler package Deal with Two Healing Bowls.

Himalayan salt pipe inhaler by SpiritualQuest is up to the task of replicating what ancient tribes know as the healing properties of salt caves.

Breath in and the air glides over the salt granules in the salt pipe chamber, allowing the lungs and the membranes to be bathed in a micro mist of Himalayan Salt.

The salt then will attract moisture as salt always does, that will help to reduce inflammation, and irritations that can cause flair ups of asthma and allergies.

Salt pipes greatly reduce ones susceptible to environmental allergens and have been reported to help with snoring, sleep disorders and COPD.

Now you can double your pleasure and get Two Salt Pipes and Two of our Healing salt Massage bowls

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

About SpiritualQuest

Our Himalayan salt lamps have been recommended by Dr. Oz for possible health benefits due to increased negative ion count in the air around you. Negative ions can help you feel tranquil and relaxed.

Whether you're looking for a meditation aid or just want to boost the air quality and ambiance around you, SpiritualQuest has the perfect salt lamp for you.

All of our Himalayan Salt Products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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