Abundance Wooden Bowl Salt Lamp – Finely Crafted –

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Abundance Wooden Bowl Salt Lamp - Finely Crafted -

The Wooden Bowl Abundance Bowl is our all new item for this holiday season.
One will note it come complete with a large amount of high grade salt chunks.

Spiritualquest has been designing items made from Himalayan salt for over 20years. Our customers have come to expect the very best when shopping with our company. With thousands of satisfied customers both individual and retailers we strive to offer the finest, salt available, make no mistake salt comes in many quality grades and Spiritualquest’s is always the best.

Handcrafted wood cradle is magnificently manufactured, and is perhaps the most delicate yet refined looking lamp ever. Comes complete with bulbs and cords and is sure to please

Retailers please note this one come in limited quantities and will sell out quickly this holiday season so don’t wait.

Get your Himalayan Wooden Bowl salt lamp today!

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in