Himalayan Salt Brick Wall with Lighting – Completely Plug and Play!

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Pre-assembled 23″x13.5″ Salt Brick Wall with remote control LED backlighting. Just plug and enjoy

Himalayan Salt Brick Wall with Lighting - Completely Plug and Play!

All New now Complete with full color remote LED

Himalayan Salt can and should be a bigger part of your home decor and design. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to enhance living spaces with all-natural, healthy and organic home decor products? The completed wall is perfect for the interior designer in you, super easy to use and matches absolutely style. The plug and play walls can be aligned for a sweet row of well-lit salt walls or stacked to create a salt wall that is fully functional and remote controlled. Each wall is fully complete, framed, illuminated and functional individually portable and collectively beautiful.

The Himalayan Bricks handset and arranged for maximum luminescence and ambiance. Himalayan salt projects peace and calm via negative ions,  tranquility from this amazing invention can be used in any home, spa or office!. Take advantage of the massive amount of negative ions generated will cover a space of 400-00 sq feet naturally.

The system comes complete, no worries, no struggles just an adult version of building blocks. Made from certified Himalayan Salt Blocks, arranged and adhered arriving to you ready to use and enjoy. Order now as each one is handmade by our engineers.

We have generated a lot of interest with our salt brick designs, for a limited time we can make this complete kit offer that includes all the components and ships fast.

  • 23″ x 13.5″ fully completed ready to enjoy no DIY work necessary
  • Line them up side by side or stack pack and rack to create a unique wall feature.
  • 30-40 lbs of pure home decor Himalayan Salt
  • Led lighting, remote controlled, one-touch easy
  • Program your wall for any color or combination included in the LED full spectrum enjoyment.
  • Hight output LED, means years of service and low energy usageGet your completed salt wall today – limited supply order now for the Holidays.Take advantage and let your creativity soar!
  • We can arranged them so they work by remote control simultaeously connect as many as you wish ask us how?

    Get as many as you wish the next level evolution of Himalayan Salt Walls

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions24 × 12 × 36 in

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