Himalayan Sole Therapy Kit – Pack of 3


Himalayan Sole Therapy Kit - Pack of 3

Sole therapy,

Balance out the minerals easily with Himalayan Salt.

The quality of salt in the Sole is critical, not all Himalayan Salts are created equal. As with our Himalayan home decor lamps, Spiritualquest takes special care to select the cleanest, most beneficial salt on earth.

Sole or salt therapy is easy to make just add water the salt will naturally dissolve to sole solution. That’s right it will not dissolve any further.

  • Use only pure Himalayan Salt from Spiritualquest
  • Add super clean spring water or your best home filtered water take one teaspoon of this mixture once per day with at least 8 oz of spring water

    We know have the perfect ease of use kit, just add water and you’re done.
    Makes a great last minute gift, make it a lifetime habit. Get

  • Additional information

    Weight 10 lbs
    Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

    About SpiritualQuest

    Our Himalayan salt lamps have been recommended by Dr. Oz for possible health benefits due to increased negative ion count in the air around you. Negative ions can help you feel tranquil and relaxed.

    Whether you're looking for a meditation aid or just want to boost the air quality and ambiance around you, SpiritualQuest has the perfect salt lamp for you.

    All of our Himalayan Salt Products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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