Pumpkin Himalayan Salt lamps

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Pumpkin Himalayan Salt lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamp Pumpkins a runaway best seller for the upcoming holidays.

newly discounted to make room for new shipments this discount will only last till next month.

Spiritualquest offers superior quality salt that is unquestioned here we have the seasonal arrival of the Pumpkin Salt Lamp available for a limited time.
Himalayan Salt Lamps are refined into shapes by our handcrafted artisans seasonally we offer this rare and fun salt lamp.

  • Wholesale orders are based on volume we can do almost any volume you need
  • Pumpkin salt lamps stand 6 inches 5-6 lbs.
  • Hand carved for a fun and joyful expression of the season
  • Each one is individual and unique
  • Choose colored bulbs to show your spirit
  • Buy them now for the holiday fun available for a limited time onlyThanks so much to our loyal customers enjoy the return of the pumpkin salt lamps.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

About SpiritualQuest

Our Himalayan salt lamps have been recommended by Dr. Oz for possible health benefits due to increased negative ion count in the air around you. Negative ions can help you feel tranquil and relaxed.

Whether you're looking for a meditation aid or just want to boost the air quality and ambiance around you, SpiritualQuest has the perfect salt lamp for you.

All of our Himalayan Salt Products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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