Salt Lamp Detox 12-14 lbs – Half Dome Salt Lamp Wholesale

Min Order Qty: 6

Salt Lamp Detox 12-14 lbs - Half Dome Salt Lamp Wholesale

The half domes deliver these outstanding features:

Per order 6 they are 35.90 each

  1. Hand Carved from 100% all-natural Himalayan Salt, shaped to fit comfortably on the soles of your feet or palms. A relaxation detox miracle
  2. Gorgeous colors that come from over 80 naturally occurring minerals
  3. People that utilize salt lamps often say they sleep much better and feel energized
  4. Salt lamps may naturally reduce allergies, asthma, and Hay fever while gently detoxing the body.
  5. 10-11 est lbs which mean it will cover up to 110 Sq feet with energizing negative Ions and doubles and a warm foot revitalizer!

This is a limited offer that won’t be here forever, so if you are ready to feel better, wake more rested, and have fresher, healthier air,
Grab yours Today!

Each Half Dome comes complete with a UL listed Cord and EZ Change Light. Weighs in 12-14 lbs each and is 10-11″ approximately wide and est 6-8 inches tall,
Act now!

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 10 in