Sauna Salt Caves

For many years, people have hailed the benefits of salt caves as a therapeutic treatment, especially for people with breathing issues. But few people realize that there are ways to experience the benefits of a Himalayan salt cave from the comfort of their own homes.

How Sauna Salt Caves Work

Before discussing how people are installing salt caves in their homes, let’s talk for a moment about salt caves in general—how they benefit you, and why they are so popular. Have you ever noticed when you spend time at the beach that you feel more relaxed after awhile? Or that you breathe more deeply? Or that the air seems cleaner? This is not just because you are on vacation; it is because of the salt in the air. Salt in the ocean releases negative ions into the air, which are known to reduce pollutants and to promote a calmer, happier disposition in the people who breathe it. A salt cave works much the same way, only more intensely. In fact, sitting for an hour in a room with walls and floors made of salt can be equivalent to 2-3 days at the beach. This is why people have begun setting up spas in natural salt caves (or building artificial ones), and why people spend lots of money to visit them.

Benefits of Sauna Salt Caves

Specifically, sauna salt caves offer the following benefits:

  • Help for respiratory ailments. People with allergies, asthma, bronchitis and a variety of other respiratory ailments report significant relief from salt cave therapy.
  • Help with skin ailments. People with eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues often find relief in a salt cave.
  • Relaxation/stress reduction. Negative ions improve disposition and promote relaxation. Many people visit salt caves just to get a break from stress.

A Sauna Salt Cave in the Home?

Until recently, the only known way to experience a salt cave was to visit one. However, many people are discovering a way to obtain the benefits of a salt cave in their own home (without having to carve out a home in a salt mine, that is). One great way to do this is through the use of Himalayan salt bricks used in tandem with a sauna salt cave specially designed infrared sauna. The combination of infrared rays, a heated environment and salt bricks whether under the feet or decoratively off to the side creates a healthy effect very similar to that of a cave with salt walls and floors. (See for more information on home salt cave alternatives.) Just as more and more people are recognizing the benefits of salt therapy, more people are now discovering they can receive the benefits of salt caves in their own homes without having to spend money to travel to a salt spa or pay an hourly rate to sit there.

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Sauna Salt Cave Testimonials From Our Customers

I just received my sauna and much to my surprise it exceeded any expectation I had of quality. The quality was amazing even for a professional setting! My friend, who is a contractor, assembled it for me and he was also amazed at the quality and ease of assembly. His exact reply was "This is Killer!" I have used the sauna for about 10 days now and every day I like it even more. I am planning to purchase another for my personal use. It is a valuable asset to my holistic practice that can be enjoyed by many and a new source of income for me. I will definitely be a repeat customer. In addidtion to the sauna I purchased 6 Buddha foot detox rocks and they are exceptional. I created an area in my office just for them so clients can rest their feet on them and have a few minutes of quiet time when they come in for treatment. An easy and affordable way to add more value for my patients. As we all know, added value means repeat clients! "Thank You," Spiritual Quest for making your quality products available to me at an affordable price.

Cheryl Simmons

Healing Touch Laser and Spa

Received and set up my beautiful Salt Cave Sauna. Sauna feels warm, relaxing, and helps us breath easier. I am 70, have arthritis, some breathing problems, and diabetes. Wish I had purchased it years ago, it is so much better than I ever anticipated. Thank you for such a healthy product.

Billie Sue Koch

Sherwood, AR

Just wanted to let you know the Himalayan Salt Cave I ordered 2 weeks ago as a 15th wedding anniversary gift for my son and wife arrived safely and in perfect condition in North Carolina yesterday. They are very happy with it and put it right in their Yoga room.

Doris D.

New Jersey

The salt is a wonderful addition to the sauna!


As you well know, I finally received my sauna. I opted to wait a couple of months for a newer version with a full window in the front and I absolutely love it!!! I cannot imagine it any other way. The sauna heats up within 20 minutes to a full 140 degrees from about 80 degrees. It has been a pleasure to work with you and SpiritualQuest. You kept me informed every step of the way beginning with construction through to shipping. The salt is a wonderful addition to the sauna and I am looking forward to all of the benefits of using it. Keep up the good work!

Tami T.

Merritt, Island, FL

Miraculous Recovery

HI, my name is Brenda and I would like to tell others about my husband Jim.

Jim had an open lung biopsy and was told he has COPD! This disease is fatal and all the doctors have told Jim he should not be alive! Jim changed when the doctor told him there was nothing else he could do for him. This was the doctor who Jim said all along was the only one that has helped him stay alive! I watched and felt my husband give up, those moments were the worst time in our entire lives.

I started looking for help I was not going to give up then just by accident I found SpiritualQuest and Richard. We called and after talking to Richard for a short time we decided to purchase the Two Person Salt Cave and a bunch of Salt Lamps!

Jim has had a HUGE turn around in his health he is much better and it is getting better every day! The Doctors are astonished I loved the look of surprise on there face when Jim went back for his check-up! Jim told his Doctors what we did and one of his Doctors told Jim he was going to purchase some salt lamps for himself! This is Jim's MIRACLE I wish all of you with COPD would give this a chance I promise you this will help! The Two Person Salt Cave is just exquisite I was surprised how beautiful and super easy to assemble, Jim is 70 years and I am 62 it took us less than a half hour to erect so if we can do it you can too!!!

I had purchased two salt lamps from another company and when I received the ones from SpiritualQuest it is clear they are far superior! There is a BIG difference in the quality that is absolute; I know firsthand that these lamps are far better than others. I actually paid more.

I want to thank SpiritualQuest and Richard for giving Jim back his health and giving me back my husband!!!! He now has his hope back he can breathe again without coughing all the time, he almost never coughs anymore.

Brenda Chalmers

Dear SpiritualQuest and Sauna Zen!

Thanks for being so patient and working with me on the Himalayan Infrared Sauna with the Salt Bricks!

I have suffered with asthma my entire life, and I have tried everything to alleviate my symptoms, but nothing helped. I read about Himalayan Salt Cave Saunas and how they were perfect for all different types of breathing issues.

I was fed up with trying to find relief. The prescription medicine I had sucked and my inhaler was a joke. I had a difficult time trying to decide on which system I should get, and after much thought and talking it over with my wife, I decided to get the Duet System. I figured I might as well get one big enough for my wife and I to enjoy it as well.

I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it got to my door, taking less than one week! I figured it would take much longer than that. Set up was simple literally taking about 30 minutes. Before I know it I had was reaping the benefits of our sauna in no time. It was even better than what I had imagined and far more beautiful than in the images.

After using the sauna just about every day for two months, I noticed a dramatic reduction in my wheezing and shortness of breath "Awesome". It was amazing that something as simple as sitting in a special room could give me back my breath. My quality of life has gone way up thanks to my sauna, and not only that, but I have lost 25 pounds in the process. I wasn't even trying to lose weight, it just happened since I get in the sauna every day. My wife doesn't use it as much as me, but she has noticed less allergy symptoms and that her clothes are fitting looser too.

I am so glad I decided to get my Duet system, I feel much better and look like a different person. Needless to say, I love this Damn thing!

Cliff G

Sarasota, CA

Our Happy Customers Speak for Themselves

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