Protandim and Salt Pipe package deal

Protandim and Salt Pipe package deal

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Protandim® scientifically proven to drastically reduce oxidation stress paired with our popular Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhaler. Normally 89.90 NOW ONLY 79.90.

As we age our bodies all of us loose the ability to rebound from daily stress that comes in the form of digesting food, environmental stresses, emotional stress etc. That stress affects us all and makes it hard for our bodies and souls to heal. I have found a product that I have seen work wonders with my family's health and mine as well. Literally, within a couple of weeks of using this product, I noticed my overall outlook to stress had changed. I feel better balanced and recover quicker from one day to the next almost never feeling lethargic. Protandim and our salt pipe make a great package and a great way to reduce inflammation and stress!

What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is the total burden placed on organisms by the constant production of free radicals in the normal course of metabolism plus whatever other pressures the environment brings to bear (natural & artificial radiation, toxins in air, food & water; and miscellaneous sources of oxidizing activity, such as tobacco smoke). Our bodies have defenses against oxidative stress in the form of physical barriers that contain free radicals within cells. Health depends on a balance between oxidative stress and antioxidant defenses. Aging and age-related diseases reflect the inability of antioxidant defenses to cope with oxidative stress over time. The good news is that with strong antioxidant defenses, long life without disease should be possible. -Andrew Weil, MD

Protandim® Reduces Oxidative stress from 40 70% in 30 days

Protandim® Assists Hair & Nail growth, Reduces Inflammation & Free Radical Damage, & Controls Fibrotic Expression

PROTANDIM®, Feel & Be Younger - Healthier On The Inside! After 30 days of taking Protandim® your Cellular Oxidative Stress will be that of a teenager or less!

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Protandim has 45 years of science behind it & 15 peer review studies on PUBMED.GOV (government website).

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