Salt Lamp Detox -2 Half Dome Salt Lights 12-15 lbs each

Salt Lamp Detox -2 Half Dome Salt Lights 12-15 lbs each

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Stock Up Now - New Larger Salt Lamp Half Dome / Himalayan Foot Detox

This just in our new shipment is 30% larger than our previous Half Dome Foot Detoxifiers

If you suffer from any of the discomforts of humanity, i.e., asthma, allergies, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, failure to concentrate? To help solve these problems in an all natural way, the REVOLUTIONARY Half Dome is for you. You can have more energy, as the Negative Ions from the Himalayan salts naturally cleanse the body and the air you breathe. It lowers the amount of pollution from dust, dander, and smoke. The lamp is hand carved and stunning to behold.

The half dome delivers these outstanding features:

Himalayan Salt Detox
  • 1. Hand Carved from 100% all natural Himalayan Salt
  • 2. Gorgeous colors that come from over 80 naturally occurring minerals
  • 3. People that utilize salt lamps often say they sleep much better and feel energized
  • 4. Salt lamps may naturally reduce allergies, asthma, and Hay fever while gently detoxing the body.
  • 5 These salt lamps (2) weigh in at 25-32lbs it will cover up to 250-320 Sq feet with energizing negative Ions and doubles and a warm foot revitalizing!
  • 6 Add extra bulbs in amber, red or clear for more warmth - never run out
Your limited time offer that won’t be here forever, so if you are ready to feel better, wake more rested and have fresher, healthier air, Grab yours Today!

Each Half Dome comes complete with a UL listed Cord and EZ Change Light. Weighs in at 12-17 lbs and is 10-11" wide stands close to 6-8 inches tall, For a limited time you get TWO - Act now!

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This may make you happy :) We love our salt lamps and the people we give them to as a present love them too.

Thanks SpiritualQuest you're awesome!

Mischa Doyel
Oct 21, 2013

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