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Himalayan salt lamps make stunning, dramatic light displays just about anywhere you put them.  While they’ve grown in popularity over the twenty years Spiritual Quest has been making and selling them, they are still relatively unknown and continue to make magnificent presents to just about anyone on your gift list.

Each of the Himalayan salt lamps in any of our gift packs makes an ideal gift for friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.  With our gift packs, you can stock up on gifts for upcoming holidays, anniversaries, or other special occasions.  They don’t take up too much room and are suitable for any occasion and any recipient.  Two things to consider:  salt lamps are heavy so make sure you have a convenient and safe place to store them (for instance, we do not recommend putting them on the top shelf of a closet—they’ll hurt if they should fall on you), and being made of salt they are susceptible to moisture (store them in a dry space that isn’t subject to lots of humidity.  If you live in an area that experiences high levels of humidity, make sure to place desiccants like silica gel or hydrogel in whatever storage container you have your salt lamps.   

“My gift of one of your Giant Salt Lamps was well received and certainly made a lasting impression as a Christmas gift last year.  I say this because the recipient has already started dropping hints that they wouldn’t mind another salt lamp this year.”    Marcelle Roberts

                             The SpiritualQuest Gift Card
      the perfect gift giving solution for any occassion

The Perfect Gift Giving Solution For Any Occasion 

  • Everybody loves salt lamps–even if they already have one
  • Our gift cards never expire
  • You can schedule delivery date in advance
  • Quite possibly the easiest and most appreciated gift you’ll ever give.   
  • You can give yourself a gift card (and forward the code to someone when you need a last minute  gift)
  • You can order gift cards to your entire list by just inputting their email address is the gift card recipient field of the order form
  • Gift cards are valid for products that are on sale
  • If you want to give more than $100 in gift cards you order multiple cards to add up to the total you want to give
  • If the gift card recipient doesn’t use the entire amount of the gift card on their first purchase, the balance will be available and never expire.

“My gift of one of your Giant Salt Lamps was well received and certainly made a lasting impression as a Christmas gift last year.  I say this because the recipient has already started dropping hints that they wouldn’t mind another salt lamp this year.”    Marcelle Roberts

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Himalayan Salt Lamps – Gifts For The Ages

One of the reasons we can offer great pricing on our value gift pack collections is due to the very nature of Himalayan salt lamps.  They are made out of salt rock crystals, and as you would expect of any rock, they weigh a lot.  Shipping costs are a major expense.  By combining multiple items, like those in our gift packs, we save on shipping costs (shipping rates per pound diminish as the weight of the shipment increases) and welcome the chance to pass these savings on to you.

Beautiful and healthy, our Himalayan salt lamps provide natural ion coverage to sooth asthma, allergies and other breathing symptoms.  These are the same ions created by waterfalls, thunderstorms and ocean wave’s breaking on the beach and that Dr. Oz recommends for possible health benefits.  Each pound of your Himalayan Salt Lamp covers 10 square feet with healthy Ions when turned on.  As the bulb heats the inner Himalayan salt within your lamp, it activates negative ions that counteract positive ions that are spewed out by electronic devices.  The result is cleaner and more oxygenated air in the area surrounding your salt lamp which helps reduce pollutants, allergies, and stress.

All of the Himalayan Salt products listed above are made from the finest grade of Himalayan salt (ISO 9001:2018 certified) and all Spiritual Quest lighting products use only UL listed certified cords, sockets and bulbs.  Spiritual Quest, often copied but never duplicated.  Trusted, U.S. based Himalayan salt experts since 1996.  



Last year, I ordered one of your gift packs as a means to simplify my Christmas gift shopping. I gave everyone on my list one of the lamps from the gift pack (after keeping a couple for myself.) From the enthusiastic thank you responses I got, I have to say that they were a big hit. I'm sitting down now to order another one of your Christmas gift packs because in one click, all my gift shopping is done.

December 4, 2020 by Hector C.


Salt lamps are perfect when you can't think of what to give someone. Everyone loves them.

November 23, 2020 by Tahir L.

I buy several of your value packs a year to stock the gift and novelty section of my smoke shop. Customers like them.


August 14, 2020 by DeEdyre J.



This may seem like a weird answer, but Himalayan salt lamps are the perfect gift for any occasion.  This is especially true when you have no idea what to give someone.  We’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t appreciate a gift of a salt lamp—in fact, many is the time where the gift recipient starts hinting for another salt lamp when the occasion rolls around again the following year.  A gift of a salt lamp will stand out and be welcomed and remembered whether it’s for a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other occasion needing a gift.  We have a great selection of Himalayan salt lamp gift packs, at greatly reduced prices, which means you can stock up on our Himalayan salt lamps at great savings so you’ll always have the perfect gift ready when you need it.


Salt lamps are made from salt.  Salt naturally absorbs water molecules from the air.  The more humid the air, the more water it absorbs.  Too much water absorption will make your salt lamp “sweat” which means its surface is dissolving from excess moisture.  The easy way to keep your salt lamp from sweating is to keep it turned on as much as possible.  The warmth generated from the light bulb will not only keep your salt lamp dry, it will release natural ions into the surrounding area.

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SpiritualQuest value/gift packs are carefully curated collections of our favorite salt lamps.  They are perfect for someone looking to outfit an entire house or apartment with salt lamps, for entrepreneurs looking to resell these lamps, or for gift givers (who doesn’t appreciate salt lamps.)  Regardless of your reason, these collections are a great value.

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About SpiritualQuest

Our Himalayan salt lamps have been recommended by Dr. Oz for possible health benefits due to increased negative ion count in the air around you. Negative ions can help you feel tranquil and relaxed.

Whether you’re looking for a meditation aid or just want to boost the air quality and ambiance around you, SpiritualQuest has the perfect salt lamp for you.​

All of our Himalayan Salt Products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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