UL Listed Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer

UL Listed Salt Lamp Cord with Dimmer

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Dimmer Switch, When bought with a lamp the cords are 4.25 when bought.

Full service dimmer lets you control the brightness from bright to light and light to bright. The dimmer cord also has an on off switch built in so you get the best features all in one cord.

Many of our customers use their lamps in either bedrooms or as night lights for the kids. The key here is the lamps can become quite bright after your eyes adjust to the darkness. So the Dimmer comes in handy, many of our customers swear by them.

UL listed certified cords and bulbs.

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Hey Susan,

Very Satisfied with the product! I will tell people and do a possible review. I'm sure I will be buying more products from you in the near future.

Thank you,
Stephen Marquez
Oct 25, 2013

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