Value Pack - Buy 2 Abundance Bowls, Get 1 Free!

Value Pack - Buy 2 Abundance Bowls, Get 1 Free!

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Abundance Bowl salt bowl of fire, from the Himalayan Mountains. Nature's own negative ion generators, these lamps can help create a cleaner, fresher quality to the air, reducing airborne pollution, smoke, and dust. Negative ions are emitted by waterfalls, thunderstorms and the oceans. Now you can bring the power of this natural phenomenon indoors.

This natural crystal salt bowl, filled with Salt Crystal Stones, is quite impressive. From a rough beginning as a large, specially selected bolder of Natural Salt, each bowl is hand-carved, shaped and rounded. The combination of this smooth surfaced bowl and the rough natural salt rocks it holds make it a unique study in contrasts. Each Abundance Bowl salt lamp takes three days to hand carve.

When illuminated, the light in the bowl casts a warm, colorful luminescence through the stones and makes an impressive statement anywhere in your home or office. Each bowl comes complete with a 6' Cord and EZ Change Light. Weighs in at 6- 7 lbs 52.95 Get one today!

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"Hi Susan. It's Ann Cooper from Cherokee NC. I received my order today and I love love love them."

Ann Cooper,
June 28, 2016

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