Abundance Bowls

Abundance Bowl Meditation And Visualization Exercises

SpiritualQuest Does Many Trade Shows. If you have been to our booths you may have heard us talk about the Abundance Bowl Meditation.

1. First, one must be open to meditation and or visualization exercises. This will help in understanding the process of creating wealth and abundance in your life. Let’s proceed

2. Get yourself in a quite space, hopefully, where you won’t be interrupted. You will need from 15 minutes to 30minutes to complete your abundance meditation.

3. Visualize what you would like to attract or create in your life. If you’re concerned or worried about something or someone visualize turning that issue over to your higher power and letting go with grace. Allowing you to be reset to a more positive outcome. Practice holding that visualization in your mind.

4. Utilizing the SpiritualQuest Abundance Bowl, begin to thoughtfully remove the individual salt chunks from the bowl. Now focus your energy on charging the chunks with your positive intent regarding the subject of your practice

5. In a short period of time, you will find that one has many thoughts around a given subject allow your thoughts to flow freely. This practice helps to take those recurring thoughts out of your head. Visualize positive outcomes on each thought allowing for the space to let them go without conditions.

6. Now begin placing the Salt Chunks back into the bowl one by one, focusing your positive energy for change on each thought around each subject. The more you do this practice the more one will actually feel the issues leaving and a knowing that your best possible outcome will come to pass.

7. The process will go quickly, don’t worry it can be done many times as you need to re-enforce your abundance practice.

8. Remember humans are linked into ceremonies and this is a personal ceremony. The process helps one to anchor idle thoughts with a spiritual practice. Also, the bowl will serve as a visual reminder that you have done the work to create what you want. So visually you will be reminded that you are done with that subject and it will allow you to open up to your natural creativity.

9. This can be repeated as many times as you wish regarding any issues you need clarification or spiritual assistance with, we share this abundance meditation with all whom come to our shows and all who have a bowl can practice.