Caring For Your Salt Lamp

Caring for your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Crystal salt lamps make a great addition to any home. They’ve been studied by the many in the holistic medical community, and the consensus is that, for many people, Himalayan salt lamps can significantly improve health and quality of life. Salt lamps emit negatively charged ions, which counteracts pollution, the effects of electronics in the home, allergies, odors, and even depression. Coming in all shapes and sizes, rock salt lamps are great for relieving stress; so many people like to use them as an aid for meditation or home décor accents as well. If you choose to purchase a Himalayan salt lamp, take the time to learn how to keep it clean and working properly. This will ensure that your lamp has a long life.

First, make sure you use your Himalayan salt lamp in the right places in your house. While you may want to share their beauty with the whole neighborhood, it is crucial to keep your lamp indoors. Himalayan salt is a natural substance; the salt lamps look different than rock salt when it is mined. Keeping your crystal salt lamp outside will result in damaging the look. In addition, the elements could cause electrical problems if the lamp uses a bulb since the lamp isn’t made to be used outside. In fact, using the lamp in any place where there is high amounts of direct contact moisture is a bad idea. If you want to use your. Himalayan Salt Lamps can be used in the bathroom areas just make sure it is not close to running water of any kind.

That means that that you must use extra care when cleaning you Himalayan salt lamp. When it gets dusty, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, but make sure it isn’t overly wet. Pat the rock salt lamp dry if you see any excess moisture on it.

Keep these issues with water in mind when the weather is humid. Humid air is full of moisture, as is the air in your house when it is rainy. When the weather is humid, make good use of you lamp! Turn it on as it will enjoy the extra moisture and convert it to a clean fresh relaxing energy. Salt Lamps are great additions to any home!