What Are Salt Lamps

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are all natural crystal lamps that can be used for relaxation and meditation, no matter what you anxiety level or religious needs. Many people are interested in salt lamps, but often express confusion, “do salt lamps work?” Himalayan salt lamps affect different people in different ways, and most often, people have experienced that rock lamps as assisting in finding peace and calm. In fact, the dynamic colors alone are known to be naturally soothing to the human body. Much like that of a camp fire with sparkling red, orange and pinks these colors can help to affect the body and ease one into a relaxed state. Think back to the last time you were staring into a camp fire, most likely it was a captivating experience.

Millions of years ago, when the earth was still forming, immense pressure caused the Himalayan Mountains to rise out of the ocean. The primordial waters that were present at that time were forced up inside the massive Himalayan Mountains. Under staggering pressure for millions of years, the salt ocean was converted into solid Himalayan Salt. Today, this natural Himalayan Salt continues to be preserved. And is the natural resource that is used for the Himalayan salt lamps. The salt we use is exclusively mined by hand, without the use of dynamite and other unnatural explosives. This means that it is much more time consuming and expensive to mine our Himalayan salt, but the end result is a higher quality product and a maintained natural environment.

You can use your salt lamps for? Himalayan salt lamps can be used for relaxation, and meditation practices. In fact, the negative ions generated by the lamps help the human body to experience a sensory relaxation response. Our lamps work in the same way as the fresh ocean air feels or the clean fresh feeling just after a thunder and lightning storm. Salt evaporated in the air changes the ions count and chemical composition. That is why we are naturally attracted to the oceans edge, tropical vacations and find thunder and lightning storms so fascinating. The products can be used anywhere, Himalayan salt lamps work great near computers, in bedrooms and are the perfect night light. Bring back a natural fresh quality to the air and improve your home or office ambiance.