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Importing Salt Lamps Factory Direct May be Perfect for your Business!

The wonderful world of Salt Lamp Importing may fit your business needs for virtually any purpose! Whether you’re planning your order for the holiday selling season or you just want to market to your existing customers, factory direct salt lamps can meet your needs. Moreover, by buying these beautiful salt lamps in bulk, you can save up to 80 percent off the retail price. In addition, your helpful SpiritualQuest Import Specialists are here to help every step of the way. Don’t forget to ask about our Free Product Promotion.

Why Salt Lamp Importing?

The world of importing salt lamps for resale is exciting and profitable, but isn’t something you should enter into without first considering the costs and benefits. The road to becoming a direct salt importer is easier than one might think, that is if one has the proper help and guidance. While many other salt lamp manufacturers make big claims, we truly are the best when it comes to providing a quality product with top notch customer service. Our company has over 10 years experience importing, shipping and manufacturing products and we put all of our experience to work for you!

In the last few years, the popularity of Himalayan salt lamps has increased rapidly, your interest in becoming an importer will help you capitalize on this growing market. At the present time, the world of salt lamps is divided into two camps:

  1. Companies that actually make salt lamps and those that trade them.As manufacturers, your consultant will work with you every step of the way. To craft your order with care and consideration for your market. Our staff will train your company on what to do and how to maximize your order.
  2. Many companies have disappointing stories about importing salt lamps. Some companies that offer help are just traders, and they are renowned for supplying below average products with no commitment to quality and customer service. We can usually say that most low quality salt lamps have little color or clarity. There really is a difference between low quality and high quality. The old saying is true you get what you pay for.
  3. Many of our best customers have experienced this difference first hand. Stories of half-filled orders and or lamps that weren’t requested are commonplace when dealing with traders. With us you will share our confidence, experience and our long standing quality reputation for manufacturing and importing.

When dealing with salt lamps, you truly get what you pay for. A trader may offer a cheaper price, but you will seldom be pleased with the final product. There is quite a lot of money to be made from the salt lamp industry, so choosing your supplier will ensure your companies longevity.

Price Considerations

The following information is prepared for our customers interested in importing salt lamps directly from the Himalayas in Pakistan. If you are more interested in domestic wholesale salt lamps pricing, please click here.

How to develop an import order, Things to consider when developing your order, the minimum order usually totals 500 units and up to qualify for import prices. We suggest having an idea of what you want to order and contacting our importing consultants today!

Please consult the chart below to see how much you can save per lamp with our fantastic company, Please keep in mind that an import order is a larger order than wholesale one must be ready to order a minimum of 500 units.

Item Product Description Weight lbs Price Bulb & Cord Available Total Units per Master Carton
0001 Medium Medium Salt Lamps 4 – 5 lbs 4.99 Yes 6
0002 Large Large Salt lamps 8-10 lbs 6.99 Yes 6
0003 Extra Large Extra Large Salt Lamps 9-12lbs 7.99 Yes 4
0004 Extra Extra Large XXL Large Salt lamps 12-19Lbs 9.99 Yes 4
0006 3XL Giant 3XL Giant Salt Lamps 22 – 30 Lbs 25.99 yes 25watt bulb 2
0007 Mountain Glacier Salt Lamps 31- 40 Lbs 29.99 Yes 25 Watt Bulb 2
0008 Glacier Mountain Salt lamps 45 – 60 Lbs 39.95 Yes 25 Watt Bulb 1
0009 Everest Everest Salt Lamps 80-100 lbs 57.95 Yes 25 Watt Bulb 1
Geometric Sculpted Salt Lamps Price
G001 Pyramid Pyramid Salt Lamps 5-7 lbs 15.95 Yes includes, Wood Base 6
G002 Sphere Spherical Salt Lamps 8-10 lbs 15.99 Yes 6
G003 Salt Bowl Abundance Bowl 8-10 lbs 16.95 Yes 4
G004 Cube Cube 7-12 lbs 17.95 Yes 6
G005 Cylinder Cylinder Home Decor 6-7 lbs 15.95 Yes 6
G006 Vase Vase Salt Lamp 10-12lbs 18.95 yes 4
CandleHolders Tea lights and Cylinder Price
T001 Natural Natural Shapped Teas 2- 3 lbs 2.3 Individual Box available 2
T002 Natural Natural Shapped Teas 3-5 lbs 2.95 Individual Box available 2
T003 Natural 3 Hole Tea light 5-7 lbs 5.00 Individual Box available 1
T004 Sculpted Tea Sculpted Tea Light 2-3 lbs 3.32 Individual Box available 2
T005 Cylinder Tea Cylinder Tea Light 2-3 lbs 4.99 Individual Box available 2
Spa Collection Bath Collections Stones etc. Price
Salt Soap Stone High Quality Mineral individually 1.99 1
Salt Soap Stone High Quality Mineral total 5 units 5 5
Massage Stones River Rock Shapped individually 1.8 Loose No Packaging 12
Massage Stones River Rock Shapped 12 units boxed 15 High Grade White Display 1
Bath Salts Granulated bagged 44lbs 55 1
Bath Chunks Large Chunks of salt bagged 11lbs 15 1
Bath Chunks Large Chunks of salt Bagged 44lbs 50 1
Gourmet Table Salt Products Description Weight Price
Gourmet Table Salt Pink Cooking Salt 50lbs 85.00 1
Salt Tiles and Bricks Size of Bricks Price
B001 2x4x4 individual 4.99 1
B002 2x4x6 individual 5.99 1
B003 2x4x4 6 Unit Set 15.99 1
P001 Salt Plates 12 units per 60 100

About SpiritualQuest

Our Himalayan salt lamps have been recommended by Dr. Oz for possible health benefits due to increased negative ion count in the air around you. Negative ions can help you feel tranquil and relaxed.

Whether you're looking for a meditation aid or just want to boost the air quality and ambiance around you, SpiritualQuest has the perfect salt lamp for you.

All of our Himalayan Salt Products are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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