4 lbs. 4x8x1 – Himalayan Salt Brick

Min Order Qty: 5

4 lbs. 4x8x1 - Himalayan Salt Brick

Himalayan Salt Block this size 4x8x1 are perfect for constructing a salt wall.

Recognized worldwide SpiritualQuest brand is the only company that operates from the source to the fully erected wall system. We have brand integrity and almost 2 decades of experience to help make your ideas a reality.

Himalayan Salt walls can be very tricky, how does one erect a sustainable safe wall that will last for years. Very few have the know-how or the experience. WE can help you master the approach, install them for you or recommend a local contractor, we have contacts nationwide.

Organic Home Decor, yeah it’s the most important upcoming craze, think about the idea of a salt wall or cave in your home, the benefits are too many to list.


  • Himalayan salt can generate negative ions
  • Negative ion walls such as Himalayan salt walls will enhance ones wellbeing
  • Most notably negative ions are available at the beach, waterfalls & the shower
  • Your salt wall will transform your home into a relaxation oasis.
  • providing organic home decor masterpieces Since 1992
  • Local expertise, complete designs amazing results
  • The only wholly owned US manufacturer from source to finishOrder now your salt wall awaits</P?4x8x1 4lb HImalayan Salt Bricks, Sealed Box

    Minimum Order: 5 units


Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions6 × 8 × 12 in