Adjustable Candle w/3 Images Om, Yin Yang, and Man

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Adjustable Candle w/3 Images Om, Yin Yang, and Man

Adjustable Candlelight W/ Three interchangeable images OM, Yin Yang and Meditation Man.
Featuring a two tiered rectangular iron candle holder base.

The product has many features and comes with three glass image disks. Hand finished.

The Adjustable Projection Candle Holders are great for any store that wants to offer exceptional value to their clients.

Or for the home owner that wants to brighten any space with worthwhile peace and imagery.

The Om is timeless meaning unconditional love, the yin yang is about the polarity of natures balance and Meditation Man reminds us that going within is the best place to start any transformation.

Rely on yourself and share the blessings of superb home decor with your Adjustable Candle Holders today.

Limited Quantities order now.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 4 in