Executive Salt Lamp Special !


Executive Salt Lamp Special !


Order the Executive Salt Lamp Special Today

Now is the perfect time to grab this item special while it is drastically reduced in price. Great for the purposes of restocking, first time orders, or starting your own salt lamp business. People are suffering due to hard times, and they need greater help than ever to deal with stress and health problems. Each Himalayan Salt product answers different needs for each individual. This package offers a wide array of products to suit anyone. This glorious package includes 4 medium lamps, 4 large lamps, 2 spheres, 3 pyramids, 1 aromatherapy, and 4 medium natural apple or cylinder tea lights!

Comes with

  • 4x Medium Salt Lamps
  • 4x Large Salt Lamps
  • 2x Sphere Salt Lamps
  • 3x Pyramid Salt Lamps
  • 1x Aroma Therapy Salt Lamp
  • 4x Medium Tea Lights
  • Bulbs and Cords

Why are we the best?

  1. Fast rapid shipping with your order
  2. Fast, courteous customer service
  3. An extensive selection of top quality products
  4. Products are always consistent in color and packaging
  5. Answers a growing desire for consumers seeking better health, fresher, cleaner air, and stress relief
  6. Great selling products with a wide consumer market
  7. All lamps are individually boxed including standard bulbs and cords
  8. All shipments are certified authentic and insured

Today is the day, Take your business or gift-giving to the next level, order today!

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 18 in