Infrared Freedom Sauna with hands free heads up design All NEW!

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Infrared Freedom Sauna with hands free heads up design All NEW!

All New freedom of movement design Introducing the freedom sauna 

The new freedom sauna with all new and modern comfort and health features featuring a comfortable, updated design that allows for heads up and hands-free convenience. Yes, now you can watch videos, play games on your phone. Easily use the remote controller and take and make phone calls; this is the quarantine super secret.

  • Heat your body to 140 degrees with digital heat and timmer
  • Stay in your heat zone longer – raising your internal body temperature fast
  • Afraid to miss an urgent call or text never again with the heads up sauna system.
  • Imagine keeping your head out of the heat and functioning naturally with all your technology
  • Adjustable seating allows for a comfortable, refreshing experience
  • Infrared heat helps with stiff muscles, achy joints, and skin irritations
  • Increase blood flow and remove toxins with regular vigorous sweating
  • The more one takes a sauna the better the cumulative effects
  • 45″ wide x 47″ long x 26.4 tall

We have found this new design to be a revelation; the heads up design is perfect for those with heat and head sensitivity. Now everyone can use the heat and its natural cleansing effects

Made from Canadien White Cedar, Zero VOC, this is the perfect addition to your home, yes, the office and great for salons and spas.

Get started today. Its never been easier to get hot, stay healthy, and prosper.

We have a minimal supply order now, and pre-orders business locations accepted now.

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Additional information

Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 34 × 40 in

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