Massage Stones (6 Pack)


Massage Stones (6 Pack)

Himalayan Salt Massage Stone

The finest and first of its kind the Himalayan salt massages stones are great tools that will reduce tension, stress and relieve pain and inflammation. Himalayan Salt has 84 minerals and nutrients that naturally occur in our bodies. Through osmosis, these nutrients naturally enter the body to activate your natural healing mechanisms allowing your body to restore its natural balance.

This salt is the highest quality available; the massage stones can be heated on a heating pad or in a low heat oven to create a radiant heat that penetrates deep into sore achy muscles. The heat coupled with the nutrients causes the body to release toxins that may be blocking the blood flow in that area. To reduce inflammation your massage stones can be chilled quickly in the fridge for an effective anti-inflammatory treatment.

Either way massage stones are right for your practice.

  • perfect fit massages size 2″ thick and 3.5 wide”

Be proactive in your healing practice, 6 massage stones included order today.

all sizes are estimates.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions4 × 6 × 4 in