Multi Colored Salt Lamp – Rare White Lamp with 5 colored bulbs


Additional Bulbs (5-Pack)

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Multi Colored Salt lamp – 5 colored bulbs with one Rare White Salt Lamp.

Rare white lamps are hard enough to find so we took it one step further, let’s make it festive with a multi-color pack of light bulbs. Nothing could be more festive, as we found out last year, than the rare white multi-colored lamp!

  • The lamps are generally 8-10 inches tall and weigh in at 5-7 lbs.
  • Holidays only get yours today – we suggest getting several
  • Makes a great gift and provides a great story, all natural organic fun

  • Live operators fast delivery makes this a can’t miss opportunity.
  • All Lamps are packed for safety and we only use UL listed cords and bulbs

    Be the talk of the holiday party and get your multi-colored salt lamp today.


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