How To Select The Right Salt Lamp

Selecting the Right Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are formed from rock salt found in the Himalayan Mountains. The mountains were created by huge geological forces that resulted, as theorized, with the existing ocean being forced inside the mountain range during the massive continental shifts. Perhaps even more importantly these areas are largely untouched by humans and therefore have a pollution free composition. Salt lamps come in many shapes, sizes and colors we have found that the highest quality lamps generally have a medium to deep color. The color range to look for is the medium orange, pink and reds. Next, is the shape of the lamp, there are many to choose from so you may want to discover which shape works best for you and what appeals to your sense of style.

Many find that once they get one or two salt lamps they naturally want to acquire more. You can choose to buy multiple salt crystal lamps in the same style to keep the look of your home consistent. Or, you can choose different geometric shapes and styles for each room! Some of the most common salt lamp shapes include our abundance bowls, spheres, pyramids, and natural crystal lamps.

Next, it is important to choose the proper or correct size of the rock salt lamp that works best for you. Almost any option is great, but you must choose the one that works with your lifestyle and décor. A great rule of thumb to follow, for every pound of Himalayan salt lamp the corresponding negative Ion benefit is estimated at 10 square feet. So it is important to choose the appropriate sizes for the considered areas.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a larger salt lamp or one that works without a bulb—size matters. Giant and mountain salt lamps are available to fill those larger spaces in your home, and many choose to purchase the largest salt lamp to maximize the negative ion benefit. These are great options, but please remember that you can choose these items even if you don’t have the room for large salt lamps. On top of that, you can choose bath salts and spa products made from Himalayan rock salt. These have the same healthy, calming effect on the body, but are much less expensive and easier to fit into even a small apartment or condo. No matter what your needs, there is a salt lamp or natural salt product for you!