• salt chamber therapy halo generator tent

    Halo Chamber personal therapy system Limited Time Only

  • freedom sauna heads up and hands free

    Infrared Freedom Sauna with hands free heads up design All NEW!

  • Salt Wall Kit 10 blocks with led lighting

    Himalayan Salt Brick Wall with Lighting Kit – 10 Bricks – complete with Adhesive

    Min Order Qty: 1
  • buddha foot dome salt lamps Himalayan foot dome

    Buddha Salt Lamp foot detox massive 14-19 lbs with 40 watt bulb

  • Placeholder

    Halo Generator Salt Chamber Respiratory Healing Tube – complete with Pharma Salt and Halo Generator

  • latex Gloves IN Stock

    Latex Gloves Now Available and in Stock

    Min Order Qty: 1
  • Float Tank Sensory Deprivation Chamber by Spiritualquest

    Large Float Tank

  • 15 watt himalayan salt lamp bulbs designed for salt lamps

    15 pack of 15 watt himalayan salt lamp bulbs – long-lasting great value

  • salt cave in a box plus extra walls

    Himalayan Salt Cave Salt Wall system 2 5×2 salt walls & 1 3×4 salt wall complete package

  • Halo Generator Salt Chamber Salt Cabin

    Quad Salt Cabin with Halogenerator and Salt Wall Kit.

  • Himalayan Salt Walls set

    Himalayan salt cave in a box – Complete Salt Cave System – With Halo Generator

  • Halo generator

    Halo Generator Salt Therapy Wall Mounted Programable