1 Bowl, 1 Sphere, 1 Medium Salt Lamp, 1 Pyramid

$149.90 $122.90

1 Bowl, 1 Sphere, 1 Medium Salt Lamp, 1 Pyramid

This package includes some of our best geometric lamps. We only select the highest quality products for our salt lamps. You get 1 bowl 1 Sphere 1 Medium Natural and one of the famous Pyramid salt lamps.
This is a total package worth over 149.90 not anymore –  buy now and save!

  • Our best value in package deals just got better.
  • 1 pyramid salt lamp 7-9 inches tall on a masterful wood carved base
  • 1 medium Himalayan salt lamp one of our customers all time favorites
  • 1 abundance bowl 6 inches across and up to 8inches tall
  • 1 Sphere or as we call the Himalayan crystal ball
  • each lamp has one cord and bulb you may want to add dimmers or extra bulbs
    Make any gift giving time amazing. The value cannot be surpassed.Packaged in one box and ships fast this special is for a limited time offer while supplies last. Thank you.

Additional information

Weight15 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 14 in