Spa Pack – Two Duet Sauna Salt Caves


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Two of our Himalayan Salt Caves – the Duet –

We have thousands of previous customers, and many of them own businesses. The salt cave spa pack is an easy want to offer your customers even more. Taking a sauna is relaxing and refreshing and now with the added salt it becomes a super-charged Heath Booster.

By offering more services to customer Spa’s or wellness centers, can increase the benefits to their client base. Simply put if you’re interested in providing more and want to raise the level of wellness for your customers, the salt caves are an excellent way to enhance your business. Many locations rent out time in the saunas in 30-minute intervals.

  • 1600 watts of power with Carbon Fiber Heating Elements
  • Locally Harvested Canadian cured cedar
  • Temperatures range from 60- up to 140 degrees
  • Big enough for two to fit comfortably – More Fun.
  • Has an excellent O2 generator to allow for the deepest healthy breathing, with up to 2-year parts warranty with extended plans available
  • Comes with 40 lbs of Himalayan salt bricks Generating Negative Ions
  • Great for detoxification, and essential for losing weight
  • Complete with Stereo CD / MP3 player with dual super sound speakers
  • Helps you to maintain a healthy weight while relaxing your tense muscles just perfect to reduce stress
  • Himalayan Salt Caves can help with Allergies, Asthma, and other breathing ailments.

    The sauna is a personal, private relaxation haven. When you can relax at this level, you will reduce stress, and toxicity while experiencing natural weight loss and a healthier outlook.

    Whether you are investing for your business or investing in yourself, this offer is for a limited time. The 2 Duet 2 person salt caves won’t last.

    Uses Standard 20A Power Cord


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