Quad Salt Cabin with Halogenerator and Salt Wall Kit.

$10,988.00 $7,890.00


 All new four-person quad salt cabin!

The quad salt cabin with hallow generator is our newest most luxurious version of the salt cabin. Offering Now @ an introductory value

All new just arrived and offered at a special one-time introductory value normally 10,988.00 now just 7890.00. From time to time we get a new product that is so amazing that everyone here that works at the factory is so excited to share it with our customers were introducing the new four-person quad salt cabin which comes complete with hallow generator in a salt wall lighting kit. The importance of Himalayan salt and halogenerator salt therapy are fast becoming more apparent every day. What the salt cabin does for us is it gives an in-home or in your business the ability to offer a very important healing and wellness program. Our customers, we’ve heard from dozens and dozens of customers that the tell us the salt therapy is helping alleviate and or healing COPD asthma allergies and it’s even helping those that have Asperger’s disease and autism. Please note while salt therapy is not a cure for any chronic disease it can provide a great deal of relief to those currently suffering.

One of our favorite customers a very sweet person has the salt cabin with the portable generator and she has cystic fibrosis her exact words to us were “of all the modalities of to help with my condition the salt cabin with the halo generator has provided me the most relief” were very happy for our customer we won’t name her but she is one of the first people to buy one of our two person salt cabins we are just so happy to be able to help.

salt therapy is a process by which the generator creates a salt vapor or missed that the patient or the customer inhales into the lungs and the mucous membrane the microscopic salt air if you will provide an anti-inflammatory detoxification for the lungs and mucous membrane. Simply put salt attracts moisture when that microscopic salt vapor enters the body the moisture in the lungs and the mucous membrane is instantly attracted to the salt and the body is then able to expectorate naturally through the body’s digestive system. What the salt does the collects all of the toxins lot of the inflammation and helps the body to remove it in an all-natural way and of course the more often one uses the salt cabin the more benefit one will see were so excited today share you with the new quad four-person, salt cabin with halogenerator it’s an amazing product absolutely stunning and gorgeous and we hope you decide to order today.

Your investment includes the following

  • the four-person salt cabin which is  71x”60″x75″
  • portable hallow generator included
  • the portable hallow generator comes complete with computerized sensors you simply choose which rate of salt flow you like
  • we include with it 8 ounces of hallow generator pharmaceutical grade USP salt
  • the hallow generated comes of the 36-month warranty
  • the and four-person quad salt cabin is made from Canadian white cedar and finished with VOCs
  • comes complete with chromotherapy LED lights
  •  complete with stereo CD, MP3 player with a USB port and flash drive port
  •  reading lamp on the inside and to accept lamps on the outside
  • a full U-shaped bench for comfort and any angle full glass door and full glass windows on either side
  • this limited time offer is ready to ship today please call if you have any questions this is an excellent investment value

this exciting new product is available today, in fact, it just got to our warehouse in Southern California. We have a limited supply at this initial offering please note we ship anywhere in the country and delivery times after shipping are usually 4 to 5 business days. The combination of the four-person salt cabin with the halogenerator the Himalayan salt blocks and all of the accessories make this a can’t miss opportunity call now will order today!


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