Salt Cabin with Halogenerator – Himalayan Salt Therapy


The Salt Cabin By SpiritualQuest is a Halogenerator Salt cabin imagined from our very own Executive Salt Cave measuring 48x42x75″. Made from fine Canadia White Cedar and complete with a portable HaloGenerator this modular design provides ample space for relaxation and therapeutic Salt Breathing Therapy.

The Halogenerator comes equipped with a computer controlled salt flow; you will always have the right amount of salt mist for any space. The system can cover up to 180SQ foot and can be used in the sauna or outside. The portable halo generator is unique to SpiritualQuest and offered here first.

The Salt Cabin can be erected almost anywhere in less than 30minutes imagine your new salt cabin arriving and enjoying the benefits within 30 minutes of receiving this fantastic new product. Comes complete with the following

Comes complete

  • 20 lbs of Himalayan Salt Blocks these enhance negative Ion generation
  • Includes LED light therapy cascades the body in therapeutic colored light.
  • 48x42x75 ample size for a full relaxation experience
  • The Halo Generator is removable and easily used in any enclosed space up to 180sq ft
  • Natural wood design zero VOC and extremely low EMF’s
  • Complete with stereo CD player, Mp3, and USB ports
  • A full-service therapy and relaxation station.

    The halo generator included with the introductory offer

  • Chromotherapy
  • (led light therapy)
  • Reading lamps (led)
  • Accent lamps (led)
  • Total power usage 75 watts
  • Low Energy footrprint


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