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Sauna Zen Salt Cave Testimonials

Salt Cave Testimonial

I just received my sauna and much to my surprise it exceeded any expectation I had of quality. The quality was amazing even for a professional setting! My friend, who is a contractor, assembled it for me and he was also amazed at the quality and ease of assembly. His exact reply was "This is Killer!" I have used the sauna for about 10 days now and every day I like it even more. I am planning to purchase another for my personal use. It is a valuable asset to my holistic practice that can be enjoyed by many and a new source of income for me. I will definitely be a repeat customer. In addidtion to the sauna I purchased 6 Buddha foot detox rocks and they are exceptional. I created an area in my office just for them so clients can rest their feet on them and have a few minutes of quiet time when they come in for treatment. An easy and affordable way to add more value for my patients. As we all know, added value means repeat clients! "Thank You," Spiritual Quest for making your quality products available to me at an affordable price.

Cheryl Simmons
Healing Touch Laser and Spa
Feb 5, 2014

Salt Cave Testimonial

Nov. 1, 2013, received and set up my beautiful Salt Cave Sauna. Sauna feels warm, relaxing, and helps us breath easier. I am 70, have arthritis, some breathing problems, and diabetes. Wish I had purchased it years ago, it is so much better than I ever anticipated. Thank you for such a healthy product.

Billie Sue Koch
Sherwood, AR
Nov 5, 2013

Miraculous Recovery

Salt Cave Testimonial

HI, my name is Brenda and I would like to tell others about my husband Jim.

Jim had an open lung biopsy and was told he has COPD! This disease is fatal and all the doctors have told Jim he should not be alive! Jim changed when the doctor told him there was nothing else he could do for him. This was the doctor who Jim said all along was the only one that has helped him stay alive! I watched and felt my husband give up, those moments were the worst time in our entire lives.

I started looking for help I was not going to give up then just by accident I found SpiritualQuest and Richard. We called and after talking to Richard for a short time we decided to purchase the Two Person Salt Cave and a bunch of Salt Lamps! Jim has had a HUGE turn around in his health he is much better and it is getting better every day! The Doctors are astonished I loved the look of surprise on there face when Jim went back for his check-up! Jim told his Doctors what we did and one of his Doctors told Jim he was going to purchase some salt lamps for himself! This is Jim's MIRACLE I wish all of you with COPD would give this a chance I promise you this will help! The Two Person Salt Cave is just exquisite I was surprised how beautiful and super easy to assemble, Jim is 70 years and I am 62 it took us less than a half hour to erect so if we can do it you can too!!! I had purchased two salt lamps from another company and when I received the ones from SpiritualQuest it is clear they are far superior! There is a BIG difference in the quality that is absolute; I know firsthand that these lamps are far better than others. I actually paid more.

I want to thank SpiritualQuest and Richard for giving Jim back his health and giving me back my husband!!!! He now has his hope back he can breathe again without coughing all the time, he almost never coughs anymore.

Thank you Richard
Brenda Chalmers .

All Salt Lamp Testimonials

Salt Lamp Testimonial from Justin B

My wife loves the salt lamp.

Thanks for your help!

Justin B.
Feb 28, 2017

"Hi Susan,

Have just received the lamps! Fast delivery and awesome lamps! My wife will be very happy with these - today is her birthday!

Will certainly send an order for more lamps.

Best Regards,
Michael W.
July 7, 2016

Dear Support person at Spiritualquest!

I am so pleased to report that my lamps are higher quality than others like you mention on the comparison video! In fact, I had ordered some from another company and saved a dollar or two per unit and thought wow! As mentioned by you guy's salt lamps do come in different quality levels, IT'S TRUE! The lamps we bought elsewhere are salt but that is all you can say when comparing to the quality we got from you. To all those out there, Spiritualquest's lamps are far nicer, better quality than the others we have at home.

Thanks for taking care of my questions

Harvey K.
May 4, 2016

"Hi Susan. It's Ann Cooper from Cherokee NC. I received my order today and I love love love them."

Ann Cooper,
June 28, 2016

Dear Support person at Spiritualquest!

I am so pleased to report that my lamps are higher quality than others like you mention on the comparison video! In fact, I had ordered some from another company and saved a dollar or two per unit and thought wow! As mentioned by you guy's salt lamps do come in different quality levels, IT'S TRUE! The lamps we bought elsewhere are salt but that is all you can say when comparing to the quality we got from you. To all those out there, Spiritualquest's lamps are far nicer, better quality than the others we have at home.

Thanks for taking care of my questions

Harvey K.
May 4, 2016

Great! Thanks for getting back promptly - that's great customer service! I hope a new cord solves the problem, if not you will hear back from me. Blessings, Cindy Simington -

cindy simington, January 22, 2016 at 4:58 PM

Chris, my giant salt lamp is beautiful! Thank you for picking such a nice one.

Jamie K.
Dec 1, 2015

We had purchased one of your products extremely happy with the quality and the process of putting it together and just had a couple of quick questions. So appreciate it and looking forward to hearing from you thank you bye bye.

Andrea B.
Nov 30, 2015

Ordered and received two orders from you: (1) Himalayan Inhaler, and (2) Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Massage Stones. I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with your service and your products. They arrived very quickly, well packed, and well packaged. I am very pleased. It is refreshing in today's world to find such high standards of quality in both service and workmanship of such. I recommend you to everyone I meet. I look forward to future business dealings with you. Thank you.

Gale W.
Order #12457
Apr 27, 2015

Good morning Ms Susan,

I have received my tea lamps, they are beautiful! Thank you very much! I cannot wait to get my other three lamps!!! :-)

Apr 11, 2015

Just letting you know that I received my bowl last week and absolutely love it. I can't wait to get my spheres and feng shui lamps.

Eugenia S.
Mar 19, 2015

I love my Rock ! it is beautiful. It is my superman rock named Pometheus. Thank you so much, it is so Awesome!

David V..
Mar 13, 2015

My name is April Toche, and I own April's Healing Touch. We cater to those that are seeking natural ways to alleviate stress, symptoms from a variety of ailments, and those that are just seeking a way to relax in a healthy, therapeutic manner. I decided to use SpiritualQuest for all of my supplies because they have been consistent with both the quality of their products, and the exceptional way they take care of their customers. I have never had an issue arise that wasn't solved quickly and professionally. My clients have found great relief from many concerns by using their salt caves, three step skin care system, massage stones, and of course, their gorgeous salt lamps. I hear rave reviews all of the time from my clients, especially about the massively popular three step skin care system, which has happily caused my revenue to go way up. My clients tell me they feel more energized, sleep better, and have beautiful glowing skin and terrific symptom relief by using my wonderful products. None of my success would have been possible if not for the stellar products and customer support I have received through the awesome company known as SpiritualQuest. Thanks so much for being who you are, by offering the finest products and always making sure your customers are completely satisfied.

April Toche
Owner of April's Healing Touch
Feb 4, 2015

Omg just got my lamp!! It arrived in perfect condition!! Poor UPS man. You were right, it is a big one!! I thought I was gonna have to call someone to help me get it out of the box and on the table I was putting it on, and wondered if the table could take it!! The color is gorgeous!! Thank you so much. Now to decide which to buy next!!

Sherry O.
Youngstown, FL
Jan 19, 2015

THANK YOU !!!! I received my order today !! all looked GREAT!!!!! You guys are the best

Merry Christmas

Don M.
Ye ole Salt Shoppe
Cynthiana, KY
Dec 23, 2014

Thank you so much for your wonderful salt lamp. I didn't want to believe it, but I am sleeping much better, and I'm certain that snoring issue has calmed down quite a bit. It is just as you described, gorgeous shades of pinks and warm orange colors, and it is quite beautiful to look at, very calming and I couldn't be more pleased with this item. I will order more from you in the future. I wanted one of these for so many years, and that's the bad part, I waited too long. Then again, maybe I would not have got the same quality, whatever, this is where I will tell people to get their salt lamps as well..

Thank you again.

Kathy N.
Dec 1, 2014

I JUST ordered one of these lamps for my husband for his birthday. I just called customer service to check and see if it would arrive in time for his birthday and indeed it was immediately sent to processing because I had stated it was his birthday. He is a Chiropractor and he will be using this in his adjustment room for the good of his patients and for his own good as well. Absolutely fabulous customer service.

Thank you again!

Andrea J.
Nov 11, 2014

Received the lamp. Absolutely beautiful and very much satisfied with this order. Thank you!

Rachel E.
Oct 31, 2014

Thanks, Susan. I purchased a salt lamp years ago from a store at the mall and can't believe what I thought the norm was, the salt lamps I ordered from you are amazing!

Jon L.
Oct 30, 2014


Thank you. thank you, Richard, for all of your replies. i decided to keep the three giant salt lamps after all. i do appreciate your help and all of the info. thank you again. they all are most beautiful. the energy is simply astounding!

namaste' and peace.

tim w.
Oct 17, 2014

Thank you Susan, My lamp arrived yesterday, and it is beautiful.

Janet Temos
Oct 16, 2014

My inhaler has arrived and the lamp is beautiful. After a few minutes of inhaling my wheeze in my breathing from a long time sinus infection was gone. The lamp is still warming up with a nice mix of oregano and wintergreen essential oils, but I know that'll help with the rest of this cold I get every fall and winter.

Thank you again, Susan.

Ian Porret
Oct 6, 2014

Received my salt inhaler today. it!...I became interested after trip to the beach this summer noticed how well I could breath and sleep after spending 2 hour's each day in the ocean. wife didn't get in the ocean she only swam in the pool..and said she slept poor and the room smelled was an older hotel...I was sleeping and breathing better than I had all year with no headaches. ....but when we returned home my headaches and poor sleep I started looking for a way to get the ocean experience at home and came across salt inhalers and your product.

I used for 20 minutes today... feels great....looking forward to the ocean experience again.

John Hanson
Sept 27, 2014

Thank you so much for the information. It did arrive yesterday. It has not been opened yet. It is a gift for someone.

Thanks again,
Shirley P,
June 19. 2014

I'm indeed pleased and impressed by the good quality of the salt crystal lamps received today. Will strongly recommend my friends to your company!

Thanks and regards,
Grace Ng,
May 27. 2014

Blessings of aloha,

I am loving my himalayan lamp that was exchanged for usb lights I had previously purchased. Oliver is an exceptional, attentive, and do what ever it takes, representative of your company, I am elated with the service and product. Oliver made this experience joyful.

me kealoha pumehana,

May 16, 2014

After researching many other salt lamps i was impressed by the number of positive reviews other buyers provided. Your video on YouTube was also quite persuasive. Everyone seemed to love them - and I wanted to love one to. So i ordered one of the salt lamps as a Christmas gift for my mother. It is truly lovely. As an artist i have an eye for esthetics, and as a researcher of healthy and holistic lifestyles, i am still impressed, four months later, with a feeling of calmness and good "vibes" every time i see it. The shape, feel and quality were all that i would have wanted for my mother. Now, i selfishly want one for myself!

Thanks to all who are involved in supplying this product. It's one of Life's small natural wonders.

Apr 30, 2014

On Tue, Apr108, 2014 at 8:50 AM, Pamela Woodhouse wrote:
Thank you! I love the light it really seems to help my asthma too ;)

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 7:50 PM, Susan Robertson wrote:
Sorry about dimmer. We can send that out this week.

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 1:37 PM, Pamela Woodhouse wrote:
I received the lamp today, it is really beautiful and I have it set up in my bedroom already.

I thought I had ordered the dimmer switch, I just checked my order and confirmed I did order dimmer; the lamp came with a regular on/off switch.

I really do not want to ship the lamp simply because a mistake was made with my shipment.

On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 6:22 PM, Susan Robertson wrote:
Your order #9504 has shipped and the tracking information is below. Thank you for your business!

Great lamps!! Just got them in yesterday and I guess it's true, good things come to those who wait. Ill certainly recommend you guys to friends.

All the best,
Pete C.
Mar 31, 2014

I really enjoy your Himalayan salt lamps & am looking to buy some from you as soon as I decide on the perfect one! I own 2 already & am very addicted to them both ! Thanks for products & site, I would like to be on your email list if you have one.

Thanks again : )
Meghan S.
Jan 29, 2014

Salt Pipe Testimonial

Thank you so much... I received my order today, used the salt pipe immediately and the lamps have been plugged in for two hours and I feel a difference in asthma and allergy symptoms already. This order is for my grandson who has the same problems as myself... he is only 6 and is having terrible difficulty breathing and am hoping this will help alleviate his symptoms as well.

I'm so glad I stumbled onto your website!
Pam B.
Jan 29, 2014

I am in-joying my lamps, mahalo. After the fact, is there a way to change half dome lamp with a dimmer switch?

Me ke aloha pumehana,
Jan 27, 2014

Thank you so much. I do appreciate it. I know neither of us were at fault and I am glad you understand that I want to keep a high standard in the products we sell. My late mother and myself have been impressed with your products.

Again thank you,
Stephanie Bybee
Jan 20, 2014

Hey Susan,

Very Satisfied with the product! I will tell people and do a possible review. I'm sure I will be buying more products from you in the near future.

Stephen Marquez
Oct 25, 2013

This may make you happy :) We love our salt lamps and the people we give them to as a present love them too.

Thanks SpiritualQuest you're awesome!

Mischa Doyel
Oct 21, 2013

Hi Susan:

I just wanted to let you know I received my lamps yesterday. They are terrific! Thanks so much for all your help, I appreciate all the extra help and the obvious attention to detail with your packing

June 20, 2013

Dear Rick,

Yes, please hold on the fulfillment of this order until you receive your next shipment of lamps!

Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!! - You don't find that level of Customer Service much any more in this day and age.

Take care.

Scott S.
May 9, 2013


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. It was so kind of you to drop my salt lamp off for me today. I would have had to wait a week to come pick it up. I had been carrying my large lamp from my living room to my bedroom each night to keep it near, I love it that much! I'm so happy to have the small one in the bedroom now. Also, thank you for including the extra light bulbs, it was very thoughtful of you.

I will absolutely be purchasing more of these as gifts throughout the year. My first one was an unexpected gift, and now I'm hooked!

Again, thank you, you really went above and beyond, and I am grateful.

Juliana Friedman
April 5, 2013

If you are are seeking the healing benefits of Himalayan Salt, Spiritual Quest is definitely the site for you! I LOVE their Abundance Bowl (originally ordered 1,and subsequently ordered 4 more). Love their philosophy, service, and QUALITY IS A++!!!

Patti Bouvier
April 16, 2013


I just want to thank you for going the extra mile to find a Salt Sphere lamp that I would like. Here is a picture of my egg shaped lamp right next to the Sphere lamp you choose for me (right) and they both compliment each other with the color tones. Both have the clear light on them so you can see the different shapes and colors on both. I love the one you hand picked out for me. And I want to say that is a fine job at helping me get exactly what I had hoped for, good job guys. Sincerely,

Bonnie Carnahan
October 29, 2012

Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you so much for my new lamps! I love them. I had no idea that I would receive them so soon! Ordered late Sunday night and received Tuesday! WOW. You are pretty wonderful!

Michele Rusiewski
August 15, 2012

Thank you! They did come in time and all of the teachers loved them!

Alex M.
June 1, 2012

thanks.. you all are great!! I'll be back

Jo-Ann D.
May 30, 2012

Thank you SO MUCH for your timely response!! You have set my mind at ease, and I look forward to adding a glowing review of both my salt lamp and your attention to customer correspondence on the SpiritualQuest Web.

Thank you :),
Patty B.
May 24, 2012

Good evening! I am speechless at your generosity! My order was delivered today, and I send you many blessings for so kindly upgrading my XL Salt Lamp to XXL! Much appreciation for that. It goes without say that I love everything I ordered and will be sure to visit you again in the future. I will also spread the word about your wonderful service and products.
I was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly my order arrived.

Mar 30, 2012

Thank you so much for the promptness in processing my order. I am very happy with the abundance bowl. I really feel it is making a difference in my allergies. When you walk in my bedroom you can feel a difference in the air. I haven't tried the salt crystals yet, but if they do as good as everything i have ordered from in the past i certainly will order more.

Again thank you so much
J. Kidd
Mar 21, 2012

I just received my order 4y988384yu654805 - I have to say that my Salt lamp Sphere is probably the coolest thing I've ever treated myself to! It's awesome!

I do have a question. I have an air filtration system in my bedroom. Would that defeat the purpose of the salt lamp? Should I put the salt lamp in an all together different room?

So happy
P. Kyle Holloway
Mar 8, 2012

My name is Lisa , I just received a lamp from my boyfriend as a valentines gift (WOHOO) ive been wanting one for months so excited . But I do have one question is there any special care I need to know about the lamp as cleaning etc ..if so how And just let me tell you my lamp is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! Thank you

Lisa T.
Feb 10, 2012

Hi there Susan, I am amazed at the quality of your lamps. My sister has one but its from another not as established company, its not near as nice as mine! I got the mountain on my last order and would like to get one more please. Can you please pick me one that has really beautiful color and with a really pretty shape? Oooh. Thanks so much! Ill be back for more as all my friends and family are asking about mine now.Thanks for the awesome huge Rock!!!

C. Maysa
Jan 6, 2012

I am very interested in receiving your Wholesale salt lamps catalog on your products -
LOVE the lamps!!!!

A. Dennis
Dec 19, 2011

Thank you so much for getting me the other two lamps I ordered to me on time. Also, I have one displayed in my childcare center and have been getting alot of feedback from parents wanting to order. I gave them your website to check out your products.

Thank you again for the great customer service.
B. Lopresto
Dec 15, 2011

To SpiritualQuest

We have never written a comment before to anyone on a product, but we love the lamps so much we bought, just had to let you know how pleased we are. They are not only beautiful, but so relaxing & I have COPD & am breathing so much better, UNREAL! We just ordered 7 more lamps, 2 for us & the rest for Gifts. We have told so many about these lamps, they are great! We received our first order so fast we couldn't believe it, excellent service.

Thank You,
Ed & Twylia Merkser
Aug 6, 2011

"My daughter and I opened our package of 4 salt lamps, they are amazing! Thank you for the salt grinder - it's lovely all on its own. I usually don't post comments after ordering things on line but I was so pleased with this HEAVY package and what was inside that I had to write. Thank you for your reasonable prices and beautiful lamps.

Thanks Again!
Delia, 7/4/2011

Hi Rick

Thank you for having this business. It is wonderful to have a resource for high quality salt lamps at reasonable prices. I have been very pleased with each one I have purchased. It feels good to give my money to support a company that is providing products that help people. I wish you all the best and hope you have many more years of prosperity.

Have a wonderful day.
Joy Alegria

Hi Susan
Thanks for the bright lights!
We have received our lamps and let me tell you, everyone is soo happy with them. They are already in the offices and shining brightly, except one unlucky lamp that was broken in shipping. I have gone to the website and filled out the damage form. It is great to know your team is already sending the new one out.
If you need anything else please let me know and I will get it for you. Thank you so much for your help and your wonderful products.


Hospice of Kitsap, WA 5-4-2011

Thanks for the Bowls;

Very Quick Delivery!

Dear Rick,
I received my package 0n 5/2/11. I was very satisfied with the products. Thank you for the follow up.

Delores Harrison

Thanks for the Bowls;
Dear Robert
Hi Guy's, we wanted to say thanks for helping us with our order of Abundance Bowls. As owners of a large natural food chain we are always concerned with consistency, as you know we used to buy from another company however the product was fair at best. Most of our orders would include bowls of different sizes, mis matched bases etc.So after talking with you we decided to give the SpiritualQuest brand a try, we truly had no idea how nice your lamps were going to be. I have to say yours are clearly the best, each Salt Bowl is exactly the same size, professionally packaged and wrapped.It is A pleasure to do business with SpiritualQuest.


Seriously Nice Lamps!;
Hi Susan
It was so nice to speak with you the other day. As a novice regarding Salt Lamps, I was not sure what to order or from whom? However I could tell by your site and all the product reviews that your offerings were screaming quality. I called in my order and spoke to Susan. Honestly we talked for such a long time about the Himalayan salt benefits. That I almost forgot to place my order.
Needless to say I ordered the 6 extra large lamps and they arrived yesterday - wow was that package heavy! Anyway I unpacked the lamps and set up a few around the house, to my delight everything is perfect. I have seen Salt Lamps before and I am not sure if I was just lucky however my lamps are beautiful.
The Husband, Mr skeptical, he even remarked at how nice and relaxing they are to look at. Good Job guys if you can get a compliment from him your doing something right!

Best Wishes Deanna Smith

Hey Rick & supporting staff;
I received my GORGEOUS, GLACIER SALT ROCK today!! "As per usual"; I am totally IMPRESSED and "BLOWN-AWAY"!! Thank you so much for picking out such a beauty for me! I really love the special attention and your comments!!

It's probably my oversight; but, I thought when I ordered the clear bulbs, I was ordering it for the salt lamp problems...I'm just ecstatic that it arrived in the usual care that you take in packing & shipping and the fact that YOU DON'T CHARGE FOR SHIPPING!!

WOW! Once I have my gatherings (post-divorce/redecorating parties); all my friends who do have salt rocks, will probably put all of them in their bathrooms as night-lights! Those who don't have any, will save A LOT OF MONEY AND Get and order and GET FAR BETTER QUALITY from you guy's!

One friend I know for sure, LOVED your web-site. and is going to buy one of your package deals and give some as gifts for her newly wedded daughter etc...

Here's a stale quote; but I can't resist: "YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE...." I actually hate that song, but I LOOOOVE your rocks!! "Keep on rockin'......" (now THAT was a great song!)

--- old school; BUT, keep having fun guys; and I will continue to BRAG about u always!!

Sincerely, KAREN A. DANIEL 2/05/2011

Dear Spiritual Quest,
Just a note to let you know how much I like my Salt Lamps. (small 4 pack) They are GREAT. Outstanding quality. Shipped and arrived intact and very timely. Very satisfied ! Thank you Rick for the friendly courteous service ..

H Butler 1/21/11

Dear Spiritual Quest,
I wanted to thank you for my order that I placed with you on November 12,2010. I received my package yesterday-Thursday, November 18, 2010. Very fast delivery. I opened it up to check everything out and it was packaged very nicely. The salt lamp is of high quality and I know that my niece will love her birthday gift. You all picked out the perfect lamp color for her, since pink is her favorite color. Thanks again and have a great thanksgiving.

D B Knight 11/18/10

Your customer service is absolutely second to NONE!!!! You guys are AMAZING!!! Then there's the fantastic products and your extra care in shipping!!! I'll be ordering from you again : )

D Campbell, 11/15/2010

Hi SpiritualQuest - Thank you for your cooperation, it has been a real pleasure doing business with a company like yours. Our lamp is glowing, and it's absolutely beautiful. Mama's real happy

Esther T. 10/26/2010 Manhattan NY

Hi Richard!

I received the lamps last night all is great they are beautiful and I am very excited about receiving them.

John B, Florida


I wanted to write to let you know that somehow in packaging I received 12 of the dimmer cords rather than just the 2 that I ordered. As I did not pay for the 12. I also noticed a note that mentioned you were temporarily out of the regular cords and did not want to delay the shipment. So I got the lamps I ordered and love them and got 10 extra dimmers as a courtesy. Above and Beyond. Thank you for everything.

Laura T
Standish MO

Sue Here

Thank you you have a great company, and the merchandise is spectacular. I have salt lamps in 6 rooms now and my "Abundance Bowl" is the envy of all my friends. I want Quality and you delivered.
Sue T. Hermitage, TN.

August, 23rd , 2010

Hey guys

Just Last week I got my two sets of massage stones, I was slow to order as I had not ever had them before. However when I received them I had to say the product is amazing and that is why I am ordering two more sets today. Thanks for the discount coupon - I had to order more! Great Quality.
K. Petersen in California.

September 3rd 2010


Awesome company. Fantastic items; wonderful, carefully shipped and arrived faster than I expected. What beautiful coloring... just awesome. Thank you.


Note to the Owner!

Just a note of thanks to Rick. Please make a note that he is very professional and thoughtful. All of this happened on Sunday evening Sunday! I will purchase all my Himalayan Salt products from Spiritual Quest because of Rick.

Rita 6/6/2010

Hi Susan

My order #21802 just arrived and I put my gourmet table salt in our latest recipe.WOW! So I was thinking my niece who loves the salt wanted some as well. So I gave her your number and wanted her to call. Anyway my brilliant lamp is gorgeous and I am temporarily the envy of my family. These bowls will be for a wedding present as well.Thanks again.

Donna B Oceanforge

Thanks Guys

Great to get a live person!

Truly confusing how to find a great lamp, but after I read your testimonials I decided to go with your offer. I Have wanted to try a couple of these for my health and meditation for a long time. My Husband was interested in the color and when you described how most other lamps are lower quality we decide to trust. And we were rewarded not only did we get total attention when we called but the lamps really made our day. When we considered the value of your help and the descriptions of how lamps vary in quality it was simple. I am looking forward to telling my friend about your product. It seems that you offer good quality at a fair price.

Patricia K,Redding CA.

Dear Joaquin
Thank you for shipping my sphere so quickly! Its beautiful. Someone spelled my name wrong on the order but that is okay. Thank you so much. Loving my lamp. Thank you for shipping so carefully with all the extra padding. Thank you very much. Very happy with my purchase. Will be back soon to buy salt rocks.

Camille M 2/25/2010

Dear SpiritualQuest
I have an admission to make. I did buy one lamp from your store several months ago and loved it - still have in our bedroom. Recently, I decided to buy one that was one or two dollars less expensive from someone else. Well, we did and now we're back as you mentioned might happen. We found that the less expensive impostor was just that - an impostor. When we spoke last, you stated that there is a broad specturm of salt quality and differences that are available for Himalayan Salt and we now can see that difference first hand. So now we return and that is why we're back for the large lamp package deal. Thanks again for your hard work and attention to quality and service!

Eileen, Maryland

Thanks Andre,

Both boxes arrived, I haven't opened all of the crystals since they are so nicely packed and are intended as gifts, but the one i did is beautiful. Dealing with you guys has been a wonderful experience...please pass along my thanks to the bosses....cause you guys "rock". Have a great day.

Geneseo, IL

Hello SpiritualQuest,

I received the salt lamps and candle projectors today...the projectors are amazingly beautiful! When you have a moment, can you respond to this email and let me know how much a case is, and is it possible to mix and match in a case? FedEx did have a problem finding us...I was in with a client, and my business partner was at school. Luckily the driver saw her banner with her phone number on it and called...and coincidently Karen's phone was on, which isn't normally as she is in school. Also, my business partner is a licensed skin care Professional and I noticed in the catalog there was some mud or cream for the skin? (Sorry, your catalog is at the salon!) you have any additional information that you can email or send me regarding that? We are getting very excited about selling your products. I knew the salt lamps were amazing, but those candle projectors....WOW! Thanks Again!

Donna Crestline CA - May 2009 -

Hello Rick





I ordered a start up supply of salt lamps for my store and have sold nearly all of them. Recently I had a repeat customer come in and say that another business across the street was also selling them. Competetion!! My customers said they had done some research on salt lamps and felt mine were of greater quality!..They also said they left the other store and said "I am going back and buying from Fay"..which they did. They had bought one for themselves and now another for a Mothers Day gift. Everyone has great comments about them and I love them as well.


Fay's Touch


I'm spreading the word. I Love my Sphere ! Melanie, my daughter, is the one who told me about your company. Melanie is a nurse BSN,RN at a hospital in San Diego. She loves your product.

Thank you.
"Shotgun Tom" Kelly
3pm to 7pm weekdays
K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Dear Sirs,

I heard about the negative ion effects of Himalayan Salt Lamps from a friend. I thought that every Salt Lamp would be the same so I Googled some companies. Boy, was I wrong ! Himalayan Salt comes in different levels of quality. I chose SpiritualQuest because they clearly had the best products of any that I'd seen, not too mention the staff took the time to educate me and craft an order that was best for me.


Joel N.

Dear SpiritualQuest!

I have to say that I am extremely impressed with your customer service. You sent the replacement before I had a chance to send the photos as evidence. The lamps are beautiful and I am sure I will order additional products from your company in the future. Please let me know what else you need from me regarding the broken lamp.

Thank you very much, Shannon D

Hi Andre,

"I use Himalayan Pink sea salt whenever I want to gently lift flavors without getting an overly "salty" effect. The fine grind dissolves instantly and leaves its subtle flavors of minerality on the palate. It's a great all-purpose seasoning salt when you want the pure, clean flavors of food to be enhanced, not overwhelmed."


Katy Sparks, Gourmet Restaurant Consultant, NYC

Hi Andre,

"I had the good fortune of taking a bath with Himalayan Rock Salts last night. I soaked for about twenty minutes and the headache and chills that I had for three days went away. I got out of the bath and drifted instantly into a deep sleep and slept solidly for ten hours (something I haven't done since childhood). I woke up feeling rested and healthy. Before the bath, I felt like I would wake up today with a sore throat or cold, but I'm completely fine. I highly recommend the bath salts for the times you feel rundown, under-the-weather or on the verge of getting sick."

Michelle F., Writer, Santa Monica CA

Hello Rick,

I just left you a rambling voicemail about ordering one more design for my candle holder. I would like to order the yin yang and the spiritualquest image. Please let me know if you need my credit card info again to order the extra items.

I am very pleased with the excellent service your company offers!

Thank you so much!



"I love my salt lamp from spiritual quest. Makes my apartment feel much more relaxed and it's a great conversation piece. Customer service is nothing shy of top-notch."

Dan M.

Dear SpiritualQuest,

I recently placed an order with SpiritualQuest for 2 Salt Lamps. The product arrived a couple of days later which impressed me. However, Fed X had damaged the contents with their kind handling of packages. So I contacted Spiritual Quest to explain the situation. The Girl I spoke to was extremely nice and very helpful. She shipped me two more Salt Lamps which again arrived within a couple of days, and were in perfect condition. I will return to Spiritual Quest for future purchases for one reason. It was obvious they are a company that cares about customer satisfaction.

Gary Green

Hi Rick,

"Since I got the salt lamp in my room I'm able to breathe and sleep better thank you for the great idea!"


Thank you! I received my salt lamp and it has worked wonders, I can not tell you how long it has been since I woke up in the morning without a headache. Since I got my salt lamp I have had no headaches and my sinuses have cleared up. It's great

Jill Pearson

Dear Lani,

Thank you so much for your help. You and your company have been very cooperative in getting this handled. That is such a nice change from the way other companies handle their problems. I will be sure to tell everyone where to purchase their salt lamps in the future.

Thank you,
Carol DeRosa

Thank you, Rick Ori and Spiritual Quest.

At the New Living Expo in San Francisco back in April, it was an instant decision when I saw the banner of 3 for the price of 2. I snapped up the LAST THREE remaining of the style I wanted --- for my sister and my mother for Mother's Day, and one for me.

I just love my beautiful little salt lamp. Instantly, upon entering the booth, I could feel the lovely, profound tranquility and softness of the ambience. And here at home, just merely looking at it from across the room brings on a deep joy and peace.

I am so pleased to see all your generous offers, and so thrilled that I can make another purchase, now for more gifts, and yet another lamp ---- for my mother's birthday.

I have long believed in the wondrous benefits of salt lamps, wanted one for so long, and am so grateful to at last have one.

Grace, and blessings -----------
D. Ch'an-Moriwaki (dianna)

Thanks so much for your reply. The sphere lamps did indeed arrive on Saturday!
They are beautiful! And we are very pleased with the purchase!

Lorraine Mehl

Thank you Rick. By the way, salt lamps are Awesome!


Dear Spiritual Quest,

I love your salt rock lamps! I've purchased over 9 of them now, both as gifts and for my home and office. Everyone who has seen them comments on how beautiful and interesting they are and wants to know where I got them! What a difference they make in a room - and they sure create a warm ambience in an office environment. My experience with your website has been great and I will definitely be shopping here again as well as recommending you to my co-workers and friends.

Lorena M. Childress

We are loving them, and think we are sleeping better. The bath salts are wonderful, my husband underwent triple bypass surgery in early march, and in May suffered a set back, something like toxic shock from all the medications he had been on, his body was virtually shutting down, throat swollen so badly he could hardly breath, all his joints swelled preventing him from moving without sever pain. He was placed on massive doses of cortisone, which in-turn resulted in migraine headaches, leaving him bed ridden most days. After his first soak, no headache the following day, the next day headache again, after the second salt bath no headache, today he had a headache, but not as sever as before. He is looking forward to his salt bath tonight and the outcome tomorrow.
Thank you, Elaine

Thank you Rick Ori,

your customer service is indeed above and beyond. I had bought a pyramid lamp from an ebay dealer and it arrived with the tip crushed.Since the salt lamp was to be a wedding gift, I was so disappointed, but I had the good sense to go to search engines and found Spiritual Quest. I wrote to them this evening at around 6 pm PST, asking if they could get a good lamp to the wedding on time. Within 3 ours Rick called when it had to be rather late in his time zone.
The lamp will go out tomorrow, giving plenty of time before the wedding.


I told Rick of my experience with my pyramid salt lamp and he asked me to send a brief explanation: when I first got my lamp, I placed half of a bouquet of carnations and chrysanthemums next to the lit lamp. I placed the rest of the flowers on a table across the room. About a week later I noticed that the flowers next to the lamp still looked fresh while the others began to look a bit tired. !0 days later, the ones next to the lamp were still looking good, the others were wilted. I kept both of the bouquets and took every so often a picture. The ones next to the salt lamp stood still upright and perky after 20 days and even longer. Obviously, they stayed young with the negative ions. Hey, might work for humans, too.


Thank you so much...I received my package today...I'm so excited! I spoke with you last night regarding your online catalog I am in the process of setting up a business email account and will forward you that information once it is completed. Looking forward to your catalog!

D. Wright
Massage Therapist

Rick -

I got your phone messages. Thank you for calling. It is no big deal. There is no expiration date marked on the coupon so I would not have known it had expired, although I only received it in mid-July. Anyhow, thank you for including the bath salts in my order. It is nice to know that good customer service still exists!

By the way, I love my salt lamps. I also bought my mother one and have convinced 2 friends to get them.



Protandim Testimonials

Protandim TestimonialThank you so much for the dimmer news as well as your kind words. By the way, I am so over the moon happy with the results of the Protandim. John & I were just talking this morning regarding how much better he seems & how calm I feel. Thank you so much for telling me about it as well as doing my orders for me. You are a nice man.

Was thinking about you the other day & wondering how your mother is doing. I hope you put those salt lamps everywhere you could in her house. Truly, I credit first the salt lamps and additionally the coconut oil & Protandim for my husbands remarkable improvement.

As for me, now that my my son has finished his chemo, I am looking forward to exhaling...and holding on to the possibility of having a summer unlike the past 6 months of Hell & the 3 life sucking years of high anxiety before that when the word Alzheimer came into my life... AND plan to do as little as possible beginning in July unless the buzz words include: books, supper club, movies, the beach, wine and friends.

Thank you for your speedy reply. Hope all goes well with you & yours.

My very best to you,

Protandim TestimonialAudio Testimonial:

S. Macallister
VM on Protandim

Canine Health Testimonial

For anyone considering Protandim, I'm a long distance runner and exercise enthusiast. Give me a challenge and I'm 'in'! But as we get older, we sometimes need that extra kick to keep us strong and just better. Enter SpiritualQuest and Protandim.

Protandim Testimonial

I'm now sleeping like a baby, have tons of energy to keep up with my four Golden Retrievers and am as sexy as ever! A great bonus is they mail it to you every month. My 13 year old dog Sabrina takes LifeVantage's Canine Advantage Joint Health Supplement and we're now walking two miles every day! Any questions,

Mary Kennedy Eastham, M.A., MFA
Author The Shadow of A Dog I Can't Forget
and Squinting Over Water - Stories available on Amazon

Protandim Testimonial

FYI, I like the Protandim. I am glad you set me up for auto ship.

Sandy Divine