Everest Wholesale Special !


Upgrade to Dimmer Cords

Additional Bulbs (5-Pack White)

Additional Bulbs (5-Pack Amber)

Additional Bulbs (5-Pack Red)

Now is the Time to Order the Everest Wholesale Special

This is the Ultimate Packages for customers or business owners. Everything you need to restock your shelves or begin your very own Himalayan Salt lamp Business! These products are made from the best quality Himalayan salt, and sell like mad. More people today are searching for items to enable them to lead healthier, fuller lives, and our products address this need. Everyone wants to breathe cleaner, fresher air, and find a way to alleviate their allergy symptoms. Give your customers what they want, Himalayan salt lamps, bowls, and accessories.

Comes with:

  • 6x Medium Salt Lamps
  • 6x Sphere Salt Lamps
  • 6x Pyramid Salt Lamps
  • 2x Abundance Bowls
  • 6x Tea Lights

Why order from us?

  1. Each product ships fast and free
  2. Made of the finest quality ?A? grade material, and always consistent
  3. Products answer growing health and relaxation needs for consumers
  4. Repeat customers are a certainty with these quality products
  5. Value Packages mean added savings
  6. Normally 599.00 Now only 479.90

Due to limited supplies, these insane prices won’t last long! Order Now!

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